10 Laptop Backpacks That Will Up Your Commute Game

10 Laptop Backpacks That Will Up Your Commute Game

A good backpack can be the difference between having a productive day at work and pulling your hair out in frustration as you try to find anything in your bag. When you’re commuting to and from work every day, you want something that’s comfortable and works well with your laptop and other tech accessories, but you also want something stylish that fits your personal style. After all, if you’re carrying around a bag everywhere you go, it might as well be one you like!

Bag 1: Low Cost, Vibrant Colors

Amazon Basics laptop backpack is stylish, durable, and has a number of features to help it stand out from the crowd. This includes a padded compartment for a 17 inch computer and an on-the-go compartments for your phone, iPad, or headphones. The bag’s spacious main compartment is padded to ensure your laptop will be safe inside as well.

The Amazon Basics backpack doesn’t sacrifice form for function: what you see is what you get when it comes to this budget-friendly backpack with chic styling that never goes out of style!

Bag 2: Classic Timeless Style

You’re carrying around one of the most important tools for your livelihood, so it’s important to find a backpack that complements your style and personality. With Timeless Style’s classic bags, you can find the perfect fit for both the office and after hours. These backpacks are easy to carry around and loaded with pockets for all your gadgets. They are professional looking without going overboard so that you can blend in easily on even your most casual days out. You will be able to fit everything from an Ipad to a laptop (including chargers) with ease. All Timeless Style backpacks come with a lifetime warranty, which is just one more reason this is the backpack for you!

Bag 3: Stylish and Functional

This backpack is perfect for days when you’re taking meetings and need a classy, stylish bag to carry your laptop, plus other things. With its well-balanced load weight and padded straps, it feels like this backpack was made just for you. Plus, the pockets are neatly organized so you don’t have to worry about looking for that one item that’s gotten lost among everything else in your bag. We love this backpack not only because of its sophisticated design but also because it can do it all: laptops, cameras, lunch and water bottles! If you want a bag that can protect your laptop while still allowing you to be fashionable while commuting, then this is the one for you.

Bag 4: Simple But Modern

Looking for a sleek laptop backpack? The Simple but Modern backpack from Native Union is worth checking out. It’s very minimalistic, but it doesn’t compromise on quality and style. If you don’t want a too flashy of an accessory, this could be the perfect bag for you. It has a neat design that will definitely not scream I’m carrying my laptop! This one’s available on Amazon Prime.

Bag 5: Waterproof & Spacious

Make your laptop commute more bearable with a water-resistant bag. Whether you’re taking the train to work or biking, getting out in the rain is always an adventure. Give yourself an extra layer of protection by choosing a pack with waterproof material or a sealed zip to keep your tech safe and dry when it’s time to tackle the weather head on. The Lowe Alpine Apex Action Pack does both of these things and more, making it our pick for this category. The fully-lined, external compartment has two easy-access flip flaps that keep things separate from inside compartments so you can avoid any pesky drips when you unzip to grab your stuff. It also includes reflective elements for better visibility in low light settings and an ergonomic shoulder strap for comfort during extended use.

Bag 6: For Women & Teens

Like most laptop backpacks, this Eastpak model has a front pocket that’s the perfect size for your work ID, keys, and phone. It also has enough room in the main compartment to hold a 17 MacBook Pro or up to a 13 and 15 MacBook laptop in individual sleeves.

Finally, while both of these models have a shorter shoulder strap than some other brands of bags on this list, they are just long enough to wear crossbody without feeling like you’re carrying your bag as much as wearing it. If you are looking for something small enough to fit under your arm during colder weather months (without an extra jacket), then Bag 6: For Women & Teens is definitely worth checking out.

Bag 7: Athletic & Minimalist

Sleek and practical, the EVERGOODS MBSR is a multipurpose bag perfect for any trip. It’s an ideal office backpack: it has roomy exterior pockets to accommodate a change of clothes or a weekend-sized load of gear and protects your most prized possession—your laptop—with a water-resistant, padded pocket inside. The sleek profile makes this backpack both fashionable and functional, with plenty of room for work supplies and provisions. The MBSR was designed by sportsmen, engineers, creatives, and travelers to meet their needs first before expanding the line to suit anyone else’s.

Bag 8: Soothing Pastels & Pockets Galore

While the entire bag is made of Soothing Pastels, it has contrasting Navy straps, which come in handy when you want to add a splash of color. The pastel color is also a great tool for making your stuff stand out and findable. And all that planning you do to keep everything in order? Never lost again because there are lots of pockets galore – from a long pocket along the inside on one side and three more at the front (including one with a key keeper), it’s not surprising that this bag carries no less than 15 things perfectly. There’s also a laptop sleeve hidden away within the zippered opening, meaning your precious MacBook is safe and sound as you head out into the world.

Bag 9: Snazzy & Affordable

Style, safety, and quality should not be mutually exclusive, which is why we’re making sure to include bags that offer all three in this list. If you’re looking for a trendy but practical laptop backpack that won’t break the bank? look no further than the Snazzy & Affordable option. This style comes in five colors and has two compartments to keep your accessories and laptop safe and secure. Plus, it’s comfortable! The padded back panel is soft to the touch and sits up straight on your back without sinking down like other backpacks do when filled with weight. Lastly, it’s made of PVC-free materials so you can feel good about not contributing to pollution as much while wearing it.

Bag 10 : Budget Friendly with Lots of Pockets

The sleek and comfortable Osprey Sling packs a ton of pockets in a lightweight, affordable package. It comes with two compartments (one for the laptop and one for essentials), which lets you separate your gadgets, plus it has RFID-blocking technology so that others can’t steal your information with an unauthorized card swipe. Not to mention, all the straps are both padded and adjustable to create the perfect balance of comfort and organization. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly backpack with lots of pockets then look no further!

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