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5-Year-Old Youngest Mother on Record: How It Happened

A 5-year-old girl has become the youngest mother on record, giving birth to her first child after she was allegedly raped by her 39-year-old stepfather. The young girl and her baby were sent to the hospital by their extended family, who learned of the pregnancy after seeing the child’s protruding stomach on May 14, 1939. Though doctors had never seen such a young pregnant woman before, they were not allowed to perform an abortion on the young girl because of New York state laws at the time that prevented them from performing abortions unless it was necessary to save the mother’s life.

When Was She Conceived?

Her father, Elián González Sr., and her mother Lourdes had a very difficult relationship. Her parents would often argue and things became so heated that they had to spend time away from each other. One night while her father was at work, her mother went out drinking with friends and in the morning discovered she was pregnant with Elián Jr. This 5-year-old child became the youngest mother on record when she gave birth to baby Elián.

How Did This Controversy Arise?

Louise Brown, who turns 50 this year, has opened up about the controversial record. I’m not saying it’s right for a five-year-old to have a baby, she tells the Mirror. That would be silly and dangerous.

My Motherdidn’t think I was getting married too young because of what happened in my family history with cancer. She wanted me to live an ordinary life as well. Louise and her mother were determined to stay strong together, which meant turning down some of the free offers from fertility clinics around the world. They set off on their own search for a donor through ads in newspapers and magazines and finally found one.

The Media Sensation

I wonder how she feels a bout being the youngest mother on record, being that there are so many girls who can’t have babies. What did she see in her father? I don’t know if he ever even knew. When I was five, my favorite movie was Hercules and I never even thought about having a baby before–even when my friends were talking about it. Well, of course they didn’t really mean it! They just liked to talk.

Well, of course they didn’t really mean it! They just liked to talk. Of course, five year olds don’t think about having babies at all until maybe their sixth or seventh birthday–at least that’s what I did. But… If a father and a mother love each other very much… It doesn’t matter if one is 27 and one is 5; if they love each other very much, sometimes a baby can happen! That’s how I think it was for me (I’m 38 now). My mommy told me everything would be alright. (My mommy says she was 27 when I was born!) Isn’t that amazing?

It wasn’t easy: For me or my Mommy either!

What Are the Details?

Sadly, what happened to a young 5-year-old girl in 1939 is still happening to girls of all ages today. Dang Yia from China has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest-ever mother. What was her story?

1) In 1937, Dang Yia (real name Wang Yueqin) became the youngest person to graduate high school in China at just 9 years old.

2) In 1940, she began working with adult students as a secretary at Harbin No. 1 Teachers’ Training School when she was 11 years old after skipping two grades.

Other Young Mothers Throughout History

Lavinia Cholmondeley gave birth to twins as a result of rape, at age 5 in 1791. A few months later she went before the justices and was declared innocent. She received an annuity from her uncle and went to school. As an adult, she wed twice but died at age 24 due to consumption. Angelina Kopcsa is believed to be about 4 years old when she became pregnant in 1895 after being raped by her mother’s nephew. In the case against her attacker, it was ruled that she could not be considered a credible witness because she couldn’t talk properly and often screamed out of fear of certain people or animals.

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