8 Bags You Need for Your Next Trip

8 Bags You Need for Your Next Trip

With so many different types of bags on the market, it can be hard to know which are the best travel bags out there. This list of the 8 best travel bags will give you an idea of the types of bags you’ll need depending on where you’re headed and what you’re bringing with you. Whether you’re jetting off to Europe or staying within North America, make sure to check this list of travel bags before your next trip!

1) Backpack

A backpack is hands-down the most useful type of bag, especially if you need to keep things close and personal with you at all times. These are also perfect for biking around town, as they usually include a waist or chest strap that keeps the bag attached to your body. Here are our favorite backpacks on the market right now.

1) Patagonia 45L; This bag is made from a blend of polyester and recycled polyester, which helps it be lightweight but durable at the same time. Plus, it features adjustable straps so you can easily adjust its size depending on what you’re carrying. Best of all? It’s large enough to hold up to 45 liters so no matter how much you fill it up it will fit!

2) Weekend Bag

Since so many people today are using their weekend to travel, it’s important to have a reliable bag that can fit all your belongings. If you have everything handy, then your luggage will be much easier to manage. Plus, being in vacation mode while at home is quite nice. All the food is usually very different and we also get to see other cities/countries where our favorite TV shows are filmed! Here are some of the best bags for an affordable price:

– The HPOD Duffle Bag ($45) – It has a double strap handle with a padded laptop sleeve on one side.

3) Hiking Bag

The North Face Borealis Hiking Bag is perfect for those who love getting into the wilderness, hiking and exploring. The bag can store all of your essentials while you hike and provides extra storage in case you need it. It is also insulated so you’ll be able to drink water without worrying about condensation ruining your belongings. This durable, large backpack will hold everything that you might need on a day of exploration and offers excellent space to bring along any last minute items that might have come up during the hike. There are pockets in all the right places including a water bottle holder on the side of the bag that makes accessing your refreshments simple, even when you’re on an uphill climb.

4) Duffel Bag

A duffel bag is great for the more rugged types of travel. It will hold a lot of things and pack down into a smaller size, so it is ideal for when you are on the go and only have a small amount of space. This type of bag also makes it easy to quickly load up your belongings as you’re running out the door at a moment’s notice – since everything is already in one place. Duffel bags can be equipped with wheels so they are easier to drag through an airport or bus station, or with sturdy handles to carry over your shoulder while walking in town. If this sounds like something that would work best for you, get thee to the nearest luggage store!

5) Laptop Bag

Choose a bag that suits your needs. Is it just a laptop you’re carrying? Do you need to bring along two computers or tablets? How often do you travel? If you’re just carrying a laptop, look for something small and sleek that will allow you to carry all of your personal items without weighing too much. For those with more gadgets, search for larger bags with built-in compartments designed specifically to keep electronics safe.

6) Cross-Body Bag

If you’re traveling this summer, a cross-body bag is the way to go. A cross-body bag will help you look chic and stylish while still giving you easy access to your stuff. We’ve gathered our favorite cross-body bags that are perfect for every occasion! Check them out below

7) Gym Bag

Now, we’re not saying that you should just shove all your dirty clothes into your gym bag and zip it up like it’s nobody’s business, but if you’re really in a bind and are forced to put your sweaty tank top in there with your laptop and toothbrush, please try to at least throw them in separate pockets or corners! A pre-sport microfiber towel is great for getting some of the sweat off too. While this may be off-putting to others if they have to touch anything in the bag (in other words, what’s the point?), having a separate compartment designated just for shoes can go a long way too!

8) Workbag

If you have a job that requires traveling, this is the perfect work bag. It will help you carry your laptop and documents while making sure they’re all safely packed away from theft. Plus, the workbag has plenty of pockets to store other necessary items such as power cords, coffee cups, and pens.

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