8 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

8 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

When it comes to classic outdoor games, there are some that everyone knows and loves, like Red Rover and tag, and others that have passed into history, like the Paper Chase. Here’s our list of 30 classic outdoor games for kids—the kind of timeless fun they can get excited about no matter how old they are or what their interests are! From traditional games like Kick, the Can to more modern classics like Capture the Flag and Duck Duck Goose, these have something to offer kids of all ages.

1) Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a classic game that most kids know and love. In this game, you draw out a rectangular figure on the ground using sidewalk chalk or chalk made specifically for concrete. The rectangle should be just less than 10 ft long by 3ft wide and divided into 8 squares on the width by 4 squares on the length. Each square should have enough room to step in without touching any other lines drawn in it. Draw two additional lines that stretch out of the top and bottom of each box, vertically meeting at one point that is 2-3 ft away from each box corner.

2) Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf is the most widely recognized Frisbee games. The objective is to get as close to a target score as possible within 18 holes or less. The equipment consists of a set of tees that can be placed at any desired distance from the target and one frisbee per player. All players must agree on what will constitute a hole (for example, hitting two sticks in the ground) before playing begins. A tee is used as the starting point and each person takes turns throwing a frisbee from where their drive landed towards the target. The thrower’s score is calculated by subtracting 50 points from how close they get to the marker.

3) 20-yard Turkey

If you’re looking for a game that requires movement but can also be played while sitting down, 20-yard Turkey is the way to go. Instead of throwing a Frisbee at someone, in this game one person throws the Frisbee back and forth with another person. The only catch? They have to throw it from the ground instead of their hands. This may make catching it more difficult, but that’s why there are two players! Some other variations of this game include bending your knees before throwing or kicking the Frisbee instead of throwing it.

4) A Row (Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss)

Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss are two classic outdoor games that are fun and competitive. What’s great about these games is that they take up minimal space and can be played by people of all ages. Plus, you don’t need anything but the game boards and a set of bags (corn-filled in cornhole, or bean bags in bean bag toss). Here are a few ideas to help make your next BBQ or game night even more fun!

– Place boards on opposite sides of a table where players stand to throw their bags at them (bean bag toss) or along the ground next to a table (cornhole) with 6 feet in between each board.

5) Follow-the-Leader

Follow-the-Leader is a KIDS GAME where the leader takes one or two steps forward, sings a song (or says the letter of the alphabet) and the children must follow. The first child to catch up to him becomes the new leader.

This game is all about leading and following. The leader, who can be either a child or an adult, leads by example. He must take a step forward every time he says a word or sings a song. The followers must follow his steps as closely as possible to be successful in winning the game.

6) Duck Duck Goose

One of the classic outdoor games that most children are familiar with is Duck Duck Goose. The idea is to sit in a circle, someone taps on one person’s head while they’re kneeling down (called Duck) and then shouts out Duck duck goose! Whoever jumps up in response to the word goose (the person who was tapped) is now the new tap person. The original Duck moves clockwise around the circle and kneels again, and this process continues until someone has been tapped three times, at which point they’re out of the game. This game can be played by young kids, but you may need to have them walk around instead of jumping.

7) Mother May I?

This outdoor games is perfect to play with groups of kids of all ages, which makes it great for group events. In this game, one child, the Mother, stands in the middle and says, Mother may I? to each player in turn. Each player must ask Mother may I touch your nose? and then quickly tries to tickle the Mother’s nose before she answers. If the player succeeds in tickling her before she replies, they take her place and become Mother. The game continues until one participant is able to reach Mother three times without being caught.

8) Tetherball

Tetherball is a game in which two players try to hit the ball over a tightrope with an elastic cord from opposite sides of the net. The games can be played one-on-one or in teams. There are a number of equipment variations including netless, rebound, and obstacles. Players may also use paddles instead of cords, and some games have hoops instead of nets at both ends of the rope.

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