8 Memorable Gifts for the Grad in Your Life

8 Memorable Gifts for the Grad in Your Life

Graduation season is here! If you’re looking to treat the recent graduate in your life to something special, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. With gift ideas ranging from under $50 to under $100, you can find an affordable option that’s still sure to make a lasting impression on your grad (and their new apartment). Check out our top picks below and give the gift of convenience with PayPal!

1) Technology

Technology-related gifts for graduates can be an excellent way to show your grad that you are excited for them to take their careers or studies to the next level. Here are 8 gifts perfect for all graduates!

If your grad is a bookworm or you’re just looking to get them a gift they can use all year long, think about getting them a Kindle. Amazon offers its newest model with or without ads and with Wi-Fi or only Wi-Fi free. The Kindle also has a built-in light, so it can be used inside as well as outside. New releases, eBooks, and bestsellers are also always available through Amazon, so they can get their next favorite read whenever they want. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your graduate is using something safe and dependable to read when there isn’t time for an actual book! Another great gift idea is a membership to Netflix.

Most people have probably heard of this streaming service already, but if not: members can stream TV shows and movies online on their computer or mobile device any time they like! With a one-month subscription starting at $7.99 per month, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to binge-watch all of their favorites from before college.

One more option would be Spotify Premium Membership – which starts at $9.99 per month – providing access to over 30 million songs (including new releases), ad-free listening, offline playlists, and no commercials!

2) Shoes

Trying to find the perfect gift for a graduate can be tricky. It’s not always easy to decide on what type of gift you should give them. However, one great idea for a graduate is a pair of their favorite brand of shoes! Giving someone their favorite pair of shoes will guarantee that they will love it because after all, everyone loves receiving something that is totally unique and made just for them. Plus, now graduates have an excuse to take off from work and go shoe shopping – which isn’t something you hear often!

3) Clothes

The first step to finding a gift for your graduate is to take inventory of their closet. Do they need anything that they’re not wearing? What colors do they gravitate towards? Is there a piece of clothing that isn’t practical but could become so if, say, it had buttons? Figuring out what clothes your graduate doesn’t have but needs will make shopping much easier.

But while you’re at it, why not find some grad apparel that’s great for celebrating? Make them feel special and give them an extra reason to remember the day. Depending on where you are in their life cycle as well as their style preferences and general financial situation, this might mean making a donation in their name or buying them a lovely scarf.

4) Books

Books are a great gift for graduates. When you’re starting out, there are so many things to learn and you may feel daunted by it all. Books can help to guide them and be a source of inspiration. The following list contains eight memorable gifts for graduates that will make for memorable graduation day moments.

A box of empowering books – College-bound students can receive boxes filled with their favorite motivational texts including books like Girls & Sex by Peggy Orenstein, The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, Stop Acting Rich by Thor Kruckenberg, and Poor Economics by Abhijit Banerjee & Esther Duflo.

5) Entertainment

Finding gifts for graduates can be difficult, but there are plenty of options to suit any taste. For example, what is your graduate going to be spending most of their time doing? If they want to create memories with family and friends, give them something they can enjoy with those they love. A fantastic game that pairs well with a cooler or picnic basket is Heads Up. Or better yet, a group gift that everyone gets on board with is Buy It Forward.

6) Health & Beauty

Gifts for graduates don’t have to be just about the typical school wear and desk supplies! A thoughtful health and beauty gift may also suit your graduate. Nail polish, cuticle oil, and pampering soaps are all gifts that work well as gifts for a new grad. For those grads who are nursing – nursing bras make an excellent health and beauty gift, too! Give them one with features such as clip-down straps, a contoured shape to keep breast pads in place, and wide wires that can accommodate future breast size changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

7) Tools & Home Decor

Tools & Home Decor gifts for graduates include gift certificates and, goodie bags filled with new school supplies, a diploma holder, jewelry that fits their newfound personality, water bottles, or a collectible set of coffee mugs. Most importantly it’s important to remember that these grads are emerging into adulthood! There’s nothing wrong with being sentimental as long as it’s not ridiculous and you take an interest in who they are now. You’ll need to think outside the box while still paying tribute to who they were when they were younger.

8) Miscellaneous / Outdoor Living / Travel / Electronics / Video Games

There are many gifts to choose from when you’re looking for a great gift for that special graduate. Whether they’ve just moved into their first apartment, getting their first job, or want to get out of the house and travel, there’s something here for them. A few of my favorites are:

-An Airbnb gift card -Graduate Mad Libs Game -DIY journal book with pictures (several topics) -Collection of classic books

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