Get the Most Out of Accounting Software with the MYOB Partners Program

Get the Most Out of Accounting Software with the MYOB Partners Program

If you’re using accounting software, chances are you’ve heard of the MYOB Partners Program. This program offers discounts and other benefits to individuals who choose certified MYOB Partners to set up, maintain and provide ongoing support services for their accounting needs. Whether you’re thinking of switching accounting software or just want to cut costs, this program can help you keep more money in your pocket while helping you do what you do best – run your business. Let’s look at how it all works!

The MYOB Partners Program

MYOB has launched its new Partners Program, which is designed to help business owners and their accountants get more out of their accounting software. The program consists of three tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. To qualify for one tier, a business owner must either be an active MYOB customer or work in tandem with an accountant who is an active MYOB customer.

The tiers are based on the number of transactions processed by your organization in a given year. As such, the higher your transaction volume, the higher your reward in terms of time and money. For example, if you have less than 10 transactions per year you would qualify for platinum rewards; if you have between 10-49 transactions per year you would qualify for gold rewards; 50-249 transactions earn silver status.
To achieve these levels, participants will be asked to complete various monthly tasks as they relate to transaction volume. Achieving different levels will result in increased access to discounts on MYOB products and services at all levels and reduced support fees at all tiers.

What You Get as an MYOB Partner

MYOB partners get access to a variety of benefits and resources that will help them maximize the value they get out of their accounting software. For example, they can take advantage of our award-winning training programs, quarterly webinars, and industry reports and information. Plus, they’ll have access to a private online community where they can find like-minded professionals in the same industry who are working through the same issues. That way, everyone gets to share and learn from each other’s experiences! , which means that you don’t need to worry about how your own system is configured
There are also no long-term contracts or commitments; you can try us for as long as you want before deciding whether or not we’re right for your business.

How to Become an MYOB Partner

MYOB Partnering is free and is one way to get on top of all your accounting needs. Anyone can become a partner, but you need to meet certain criteria in order to be accepted. To learn more about becoming an MYOBO Partner, visit their website and click on Become a Partner. That’s not it! An MYOB Partner also gets exclusive access to sales and marketing materials that have been specifically created for them by MYOB! You’ll also have online or in-person training available to teach you how best to use MYOB software. The benefits are endless!

Why You Should Join the MYOB Partners Program

Join the MYOB Partner Program to get access to exclusive software features, product updates, and training materials. Plus, you’ll have a chance to connect with other accounting professionals who use MYOB’s products for their own businesses. Interested? Learn more about the program here. or should you choose not to enroll at this time please feel free to reach out again anytime?

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