CrackStreams Shuts Down Sites with the Best Alternatives

CrackStreams Shuts Down: Sites with the Best Alternatives

If you’ve been using the video streaming site CrackStreams to watch movies and TV shows in the comfort of your home, you’ll be saddened to learn that the website has closed down permanently. The closure came without warning, leaving users unable to log in or access the content they had previously purchased. For those looking for alternatives to CrackStreams, there are numerous sites offering similar options that are still active and available to use today.

CrackStreams shuts down

CrackStreams has been shut down, following a year-long investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, who allege that the company was facilitating illegal streaming of NCAA games through their service.

CrackStreams shuts down

In a press release announcing CrackStream’s shutdown, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said The Internet cannot be used as a vehicle to transmit and receive stolen goods.

But while CrackStream will be no more, there are plenty of other sites offering similar services. Check out these sites for streaming NCAA basketball games online (without paying for cable).

Where to find the best alternatives

Where to find the best alternatives CrackStreams?

NCAA basketball CrackStreams was shut down because of a copyright infringement. After looking for other sites that have similar content, it’s clear that there are a few great alternatives to Crackstreams.

1) The first site is called Stream All The Things. It has all of the live streams and you can even search them by category or sport.

2) The second site is called Live Stream Sports. This website has all of the live streams and you can search them by sport and region.

3) The third site is called Live Sports TV. This site has a ton of different sports including soccer, rugby, boxing, etc., so if you’re looking for any type of sports this is the place to go!



NCAA Basketball CrackStreams has been shut down. One of the most popular streaming sites for college basketball fans has had its plug pulled, taking all of its games with it. The shutdown comes after six weeks of downtime and just before one of the most heated periods in NCAA basketball, March Madness.

The good news is that there are still plenty of alternatives to NCAA basketball streams online. Here are some great options to watch college hoops online without a subscription or cable package.


NCAA Basketball is a really popular sport. It’s also one of the most popular streaming sites online. Crackstreams was that site, but now it’s gone. Check out these sites if you’re looking for a place to stream NCAA basketball games.


NCAA Basketball Crackstreams shut down after coming under fire from all sorts of places. Copyright holders say it’s a haven for copyright infringement, schools are worried about player eligibility, and fans are angry at ads. The site had one heck of a run and now we’ve got a pretty solid list of alternative sites to stream NCAA basketball games live online and right on your computer or mobile device. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for somewhere to get NCAA Basketball game streams.


NCAA Basketball Crackstreams has shut down, leaving many fans in search of a new site to watch live NCAA basketball games. There are many sites on the internet that have all sorts of streams where you can watch NCAA Basketball games on. Here are a few websites and streams to check out.


1) Ace Stream- Ace Stream is a good website if you’re looking for an alternative to CrackStreams. The site has all sorts of streams from different sports channels, so you should be able to find an NCAA Basketball game stream there.

2) Live Stream Sports- Live Stream Sports is another site that has different stream channels for many different sports, including college basketball games. You’ll be able to find NCAA Basketball game streams on there as well.


NCAA Basketball Crackstreams, a site dedicated to streaming live and archived video of NCAA basketball games, has announced that it has been shut down. The site was an extremely popular destination for people looking to watch their favorite college athletes play without paying any kind of subscription fee.


NCAA Basketball Crackstreams is not the first streaming service to be shut down by legal forces; in 2010, NFL Superpass was shut down after they were sued by several major networks. Many other services have followed suit because they did not want to suffer a similar fate.

There are still many sites that provide some form of free streaming service for a variety of live events and TV shows, but NCAA Basketball Crackstreams is offered by far one of the best sources for free sports entertainment online.



NCAA Basketball CrackStreams has been shut down by law enforcement. Luckily, there are plenty of other sites that have crackstreams and they’re just as good! Here are some of our favorites.

1) Vipbox – This site has everything you could want in a streaming site. In addition to NCAA basketball, they also offer NFL games, NHL games, MLB games, and much more! You can get VIP accounts for free or you can upgrade your account to a paid one if you want an easier interface or extra features like live chat rooms. They have excellent customer service and a 24/7 Live Chat for any questions you may have.

2) TV-Links – This is another great site where you can watch sports streams from all over the world.

3) NBA Streams – They specialize in streaming NBA games, but they also have a wide variety of other sports, too.

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