Save Big This September With Dyson Promo Codes!

Save Big This September With Dyson Promo Codes!

Dyson released their latest vacuum, the Dyson Ball Allergy, in June 2018 to rave reviews. This bagless upright vacuum with HEPA filtration and anti-allergen capture system boasts Dyson’s cyclone technology to keep homes free of dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that can aggravate asthma and other breathing problems. The Ball Allergy can also be used on the floor or as a handheld, making it ideal for deep cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, drapes, and other surfaces in your home.

What’s on Sale this September

It’s September and that means it’s time to get your home nice and cozy for winter. We’re excited to offer you exclusive deals with our friends at Dyson this month so don’t miss out on your chance to save big. Right now, get a FREE 16 piece set of floor care cleaning tools when you purchase a carpet cleaning machine from us. We also have exclusive offers when you buy certain machines, like the Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum, HEPA Air Purifier & Humidifier, or Cinetic Animal Complete Allergy Care System from our friends at Dyson. Click below to learn more about these great offers as well as all the rest of what we’re doing this month with our promo codes in tow!

Which vacuum is right for you?

There are a number of vacuum cleaners on the market, so deciding which one to buy is no easy task. We’ve narrowed it down to three of our favorite Dyson models for you to choose from below, and ranked them based on their features and specifications.

All of these models provide excellent cleaning capabilities and are among our favorites. However, it’s important to decide which features you need most so you can choose a model that will best suit your home. If you’re looking for portability and convenience, take a look at our handheld cleaner comparison. The V6 Total Clean is our favorite handheld vacuum thanks to its lightweight design and powerful suction capabilities.

If you have children or pets in your home, we recommend looking into cordless vacuums like the V8 Absolute. The battery-powered model combines strong suction with a high-velocity motor that makes it perfect for cleaning pet hair and large debris off hardwood floors and carpets alike.

Great Vacuum Resources

While there are a variety of types of vacuums to suit different needs, the ones that do stand out for their innovation and superior performance are by Dyson. Whether you want something for your home or commercial use, you’re sure to find one in this brand’s wide range of offerings. Here’s what customers say about them:

I love this vacuum cleaner and highly recommend it! You can tell that this product is well-made. I’ve had mine for over 4 years now with no problems at all.

Love my new vacuum! It feels so light, like I’m carrying nothing.

This thing is amazing and SO easy to assemble.

Accessory Deals

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Current Promotions

Don’t be satisfied with the status quo this September. Check out these deals to save big on select Dyson products and accessories.

Dyson Upright Ball Animal $699 now $449: The ball design is easy to use, lightweight, and delivers unprecedented maneuverability in every direction. The range of features and options ensures that you can get your home or office looking fresh in seconds.

Dyson Ball Compact Allergy Plus $399 now $319: You’ll feel fresher for longer with this compact, versatile vacuum cleaner that tackles allergies as well as pet hair and fine dust particles. The machine is designed for allergy sufferers but has many great features which make it an ideal vacuum cleaner for homes of all sizes, whatever your needs may be.

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