Facebook's 'Red Team X' - Your Best Line of Defense Against Bugs

Facebook’s ‘Red Team X’ – Your Best Line of Defense Against Bugs

Facebook’s Red Team X—also known as the Bug Stompers—is looking for more than just bugs that might be lurking in its code. The name sounds like something out of an action movie, but the meaning is anything but Hollywood-like. The Bug Stompers are actually an elite team at Facebook whose sole purpose is to help improve software security at the company and across the industry as a whole—both inside Facebook and beyond its walls.

Why bugs matter

Everyone knows Facebook has an army of programmers constantly fighting against hackers and out to secure users’ data. But there’s another team inside the social media giant that relies on something other than software code to find problems. And, it just might be your best line of defense in keeping yourself protected online.

That’s because the security team from Facebook is using Red Team X, a new branch inside the company made up of experts from intelligence agencies, hackers, and engineers. Its mission is to look for vulnerabilities in systems at both Facebook and beyond it – where some cybercriminals might exploit unprotected resources as stepping stones in their attacks. This is about protecting Facebook before anything happens, Gossman said.

Why you should care about Red Team X

While no major bugs have popped up, it doesn’t hurt to ensure you are ready in case one does. Understanding how Red Team X operates is a great way to get proactive against bugs and know the best line of defense against any issue. One bug that we should always be on the lookout for is fake ad attribution, which might hide ads that were never clicked on but are still getting clicks attributed to them. If this happens and the bug is never found, advertisers may start thinking Facebook isn’t generating enough revenue from those advertisers or stop advertising altogether. Red team x makes sure no bug can be hidden for long by going through Facebook’s code line by line as well as digging into everything from databases to browser extensions. The more they dig, the more potential bugs they find and shut down before they happen. However, their job is not easy: No matter what we do there will always be vulnerabilities.

What exactly does Red Team X do?

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg had a live video crash on his Facebook feed during his 2017 keynote address, Facebook has stepped up its defensive game and invested more in tools to monitor systems. They have even gone so far as to create their own white-hat hacker team, Red Team X. With all the personal data Facebook stores and manipulates, they need to make sure that data is secure and that hackers are unable to access it. Red Team X hunts bugs beyond the social network’s walls, outside the code, and inside other systems that interact with or might be used by Facebook. If something malicious was to infiltrate another system, it could take over it completely.

This is where Red Team X comes in. They are responsible for all security-related incidents and overall system health, including investigating anything suspicious such as suspicious activity or bugs. They work outside Facebook’s walls, interacting with other third-party systems that Facebook may use. This allows them to learn how they can be manipulated and keep track of anything that is a potential threat to Facebook’s security measures.

How can you learn from Red Team X?

There are many ways to learn from Red Team X’s efforts. Perhaps the most obvious is finding bugs in Facebook’s social network by looking for suspicious activity. However, that’s not all that a team can do—our cybersecurity and software development experience also lets us work on infrastructure and apps. By understanding the type of code that each member produces, Red Team X can detect security vulnerabilities or even predict when someone might create an application to hack into Facebook. Armed with this knowledge, we can be proactive about guarding against future threats before they ever happen. So if you need help monitoring your applications and protecting against modern threats, we hope you’ll contact us today.

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