How to Do a Free Cell Phone Reverse Lookup in Canada?

How to Do a Free Cell Phone Reverse Lookup in Canada?

It’s not a surprise to perform a no-cost reverse phone lookup today in the technological age. But can you perform a reverse phone lookup across the globe for no cost specifically in Canada? It’s a bit disappointing to know that there aren’t many reverse phone lookups that are free and legitimate to figure out who I called in Canada.

But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t services on the site. As an example, various services are also available with different rates of success to conduct reverse lookups in Canada.

Part 1: Who Called Me in Canada?

Who Called Me in Canada?
Who Called Me in Canada?

There could be reasons for me to receive a call at an unidentified number. It could be a scammer using unauthorized means from anywhere in the world. Some business prospects might be looking to seek new clients through unanticipated sources. They could also hide their fake phone number from the police.

In other situations, an unknown caller could have a valid reason behind his call, which is to conceal his identity. If someone gets a phone contact from an unknown number it is important to be cautious prior to giving any information.

Part 2: How to Do a Free Cell Phone Reverse Lookup in Canada?

TruePeopleSearch is a no-cost reverse phone lookup that is available in Canada and offers a wide range of lookup options for phones. It is a trusted search engine that provides search results that are based on thousands of publicly available records. Users can search for an address that is current or cell phone number and email addresses of relatives, and other information that is accessible via this service.

The search service is completely private and does not store any data that they have access to, and there is no risk. In addition, the company has promised that they will not record the user’s searches, nor keep all search records. It also guarantees SSL encryption which ensures it is secure and secure.

With the supercharged directly feature, users can look up the landline or mobile number. Just dialing the desired number will provide you with all the necessary information about “who called me” in Canada.

2.1 How to Use TruePeopleSearch?

How to Do a Free Cell Phone Reverse Lookup in Canada?
How to Do a Free Cell Phone Reverse Lookup in Canada?

The user interface of TruePeopleSearch lets users complete the cell reverse lookup of phones in Canada more easily. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: With your web browser, open the official website of TruePeopleSearch

Step 2: Click on the phone lookup tab and then enter the number that you’ll need to know.

Step 3. The service will issue an in-depth report, which will include accurate information regarding the owner of the number.

2.2 What else can I do to Make Use of TruePeopleSearch?

The application is the best option for determining the details of the individual in question. Here are the most important attributes offered by TruePeopleSearch:

  • People Search

If the person has no information about the person they are targeting beyond their name and First initial Then they can utilize to use the People Search utility of TruePeopleSearch. This is extremely useful when someone finds a lost Credit/Debit card and wants to return it back to its legitimate owner.

  • Background Check

Background check services provides essential information on particular individuals, including the close relatives of them, their contacts as well as aliases, criminal records and new or old addresses. In addition, users can work out information about their professional, such as email addresses, criminal history as well as the level of education. Additionally, important business information are also available.

  • Email Lookup

TruePeopleSearch also provides the service to locate email addresses from databases from millions of messages. It is a viable alternative to paid sites that offer similar information.

Part 3: 5 Other Ways to Find Out Who Called Me in Canada

If you are looking for alternative options to discover who called me from Canada This section will provide information about the five additional services.

3.1 Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate provides users with reverse phone lookups that will provide exact details on a caller from Canada. It’s a global platform that is able to determine whether the person you are looking for is a previous offender or has a criminal history. In addition, it assists users to discover fraudsters and friends who have disappeared.

In addition, the service includes background checks, records of history and social media profiles, and email addresses as well as the current location in Canada. Here’s how to do free reverse cell phone lookups in Canada using Instant Checkmate:

Step 1: Visit Instant Checkmate’s official site, and navigate to the section for phone lookups.

Step 2: Type in the number of the associated phone into the search bar and press Search.

Step 3: Go through the report to find out more details about the person who owns it.

3.2 PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a different phone lookup website that identifies all the information about the targeted person, including names and addresses. The program provides all important details, including private information, such as the employment history and other details of the individual calling from Canada.

The service for phone lookups ensures excellent credibility for the details provided. This is because the information is from reliable sources and guarantees 100% trustworthiness.

The steps to use PeopleFinders to reverse lookup of phone numbers are provided in this article:

Step 1: Go to PeopleFinder’s official website. From there, select Phone Lookup.

Step 2: Type in the number of your phone, then click Start Search.

Step 3: Look up details, including names relatives, aliases, email addresses as well as social media platforms, and criminal records.

3.3 TruthFinder

TruthFinder can be described as an absolutely FREE reverse lookup tool that locates names and records for criminals of the individual who is calling Canada. Additionally, it provides an intelligence service that gives access to phone numbers as well as emails. It also gives driver’s licenses and social media sites information about credit cards and telephone numbers.

The app provides in-depth and extensive information on the person who is being targeted, even if the data dates fifteen years earlier. The database is huge and can provide accurate information about the person who phoned from Canada. Additionally, it pulls out IDs, pictures names, names, and other personal data.

Learn more about how to make use of TruthFinder:

Step 1: Go to the website of TruthFinder. Click on the Reverse phone lookup tab.

Step 2: On the interface, type in the phone number and click Search.

Step 3: It will show crucial information related to the phone number entered.

3.4 NumLooker

NumLooker is among the most reliable reverse phone lookup solutions that can provide complete information about the individual who is from Canada. The massive database houses vast details of individuals from all over the globe. Users can look up financial information including business and personal details as well as other details related to it.

Additionally, the app provides huge search engine information for those who require only a few details to get every search results for cell phones. Canada information. The application also has a white page that functions as an improvement of the traditional phone book.

The steps needed to make use of NumLooker are listed below:

Step 1. Visit the official website NumLooker’s official website. NumLooker.

Step 2: Enter the telephone number, then Click Search Now.

Step 3: Read all information in the report.

3.5 FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast will help users locate details about their property and address by simply dialing a number. In addition, the reverse phone lookup service also provides information on business and educational history.

Furthermore, the service performs an identity check which provides an entire history of the person’s spouse’s name, and registration. It also reveals details about the offender as well as their criminal history.

Step 2: Then use the interface to type in the phone number you are not sure of then click on the Start Search tab.

Step 3: Review the report that is provided to discover the real identity of the owner of the phone number.

Part 4: Canada Reverse Phone Number Lookup FAQs

Some useful information about how to conduct a reverse phone lookup in Canada is provided in this guideline.

4.1 Is There a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service in Canada?

The reverse lookup service for free discussed like NumLooker as well as PeopleFinders within this piece provide useful information for finding the details of a person in Canada with just a phone number.

4.2 How Do I Find Out Who Owns a Cell Phone Number in Canada?

Here’s a trusted method to locate the name of the owner for the number that is located in Canada.

  • To begin, visit the official website for any service listed in this post.
  • Then, go to the phone Lookup interface.
  • After that, type in the number that you wish to find Then, press Search.
  • The final result will be displayed on the screen.

4.3 Can You Google Search a Phone Number for Free?

Google search to find an unpaid phone number is possible by entering the name of the person you want to find and the ear the individual lives in. Typically, the results will appear within the first five results.


The websites mentioned above and apps are the most efficient method of determining who is calling me from Canada using absolutely free services. Users can also locate the contact information of their target using these reverse cell phone lookup services in Canada.

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