How to Get Half-Off Your HBO Max Subscription in September 2022

How to Get Half-Off Your HBO Max Subscription in September 2022

As we get closer to the launch of HBO Max in September 2022, more and more people are wondering how they can get in on the action early and save money before the service is available to everyone. Luckily, there are several ways to do this! Check out our guide below to find out what special deals will be available when HBO Max launches in September 2022, as well as information on how you can sign up today so you can take advantage of them when the time comes!

HBO Max is About to Launch

HBO Max is a digital streaming service from WarnerMedia. It will be launched in Q4 2020 and is only be available to those who already subscribe to HBO through their TV provider. New users can sign up for HBO Max, but the offer is only valid to those who don’t currently have an HBO subscription. That said, the starting price point is set at $14.99 per month which has attracted a lot of criticism because it will be much more expensive than the Netflix Standard Plan (in other words, most people think this is greedy and unfair). Plus, there are many concerns about how it’s a blatant money grab that could alienate existing subscribers and upset people in general.

3 Things That Will Happen When HBO MAX Launches

Since HBO MAX is set to launch this fall, it’s only right that you prepare for its arrival by grabbing these HBO MAX promo codes! With these special offers, you’ll be able to get half off your HBO Max subscription in September 2022. Read on below for three things that will happen when HBO MAX launches:

* Game of Thrones fans rejoice! You’ll finally be able to stream season 8 of Game of Thrones at the same time as people around the world on HBO MAX rather than waiting months for new episodes.

5 New Shows Coming to the Channel

  1. Chornobyl In this 5-part limited series, a second explosion at the Chornobyl nuclear plant sets off alarm bells all over the world, raising new questions about the dangers of Soviet reactors. This is not so much an episodic examination of heroism, disaster, and political intrigue but an engrossing exploration of the fallout on individuals and their communities; both those who survived inside and outside the plant on that fateful day, and their descendants many years later.
  2. Euphoria From Sam Levinson (Marco Polo), Euphoria features a beautifully diverse ensemble cast coming of age in Los Angeles. Creator Sam Levinson takes viewers to worlds they never knew existed – across spectrums of sexuality, nationality, socioeconomic class, beauty standards, and more.

4 More Documentaries on Netflix You Need To See Before HBO MAX Launches

HBO MAX is a streaming service that was created after HBO closed its collaboration with Netflix back in early 2020. At the moment, you can’t watch HBO Max without an HBO subscription, but this will change soon. The company announced a couple of weeks ago that they would start selling subscriptions separately and giving a 50% discount on new subscribers to the service until 2020! Now you don’t have an excuse not to try out the newest thing from HBO. Here are 4 Documentaries on Netflix you should check out before HBO MAX launches:

Bicycling – 30 mins

2 Ways To Save 50% On An HBO Max Subscription For Life

  1. Purchase HBO Max for the year (1 month free) – Promo Code: HBLONG2. Buy HBO Max with a Game of Thrones For Life Subscription for $500 and save 50% on your subscription*-Promo Code: GAMEON

*Can also get it for $175 if you don’t want a Game of Thrones life subscription. The promo code is: NEVER END

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