JD Power Says Korean Cars are the Best in Quality

JD Power Says Korean Cars are the Best in Quality

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may want to reconsider if you’re planning on buying from the U.S., Europe, or Japan. According to JD Power’s latest vehicle dependability survey, Korean cars beat out their competition in every category of dependability. The JD Power 2016 Vehicle Dependability Study finds that Korean brands Kia and Hyundai not only had fewer problems reported in the 2016 model year but improved more than any other brand in overall quality when compared to the 2015 study results.

Most Reliable Car Brands

According to JD Power, Toyota is America’s top car brand. Other American companies like Buick and Chevrolet don’t rank as high as other global brands like Toyota, which holds the first place spot for both retail and dealer networks. With their high ranking, JD Power says that Koreans are really showing us how to do it. Here are the 10 most reliable car brands according to JD Powers.

JD Powers makes it clear that American companies aren’t necessarily bad, but maybe they need to step up their game. America’s 10 most reliable car brands include Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Lincoln, and Hyundai. Kia is especially impressive considering how many different vehicles they have across so many countries (Kia is a South Korean company). A few of these brands – like BMW or Audi – also ranked among JD Powers’ top-performing cars for customer satisfaction as well as reliability. Still others like Dodge and Ram had some big problems according to JD Powers. Whether it was a problem with their new safety features or transmission issues that made people shy away from their vehicles altogether something needs to change at these car companies if they want to keep customers satisfied with their products over time.

Most Dependable Small Cars

With many drivers opting for small cars to save on gas, it’s important to make sure that your next car has reliability. The JD Power Initial Quality Study gives some insight into which brands have taken care of their customers’ problems fastest. With that said, here are five of the most dependable small cars.

According to JD Power, some of its most dependable small cars have been made by Hyundai, with five models making their top-10 list for dependability. The Hyundai Accent was ranked No. 2 on that list, with three other Hyundais rounding out the rest of its top-10 rankings: Elantra (No. 5), Sonata (No. 6), and Tucson (No. 10). Meanwhile, Kia also fared well with four models on JD Power’s overall dependability rankings: Rio (No. 3), Soul (No. 4), Forte (No. 7) and Optima (No.

3 Least Reliable Luxury Vehicles

Wearing a luxury car makes you feel like royalty. Buying one could cost you everything. But not all luxury cars are created equal. A recent JD Power report rated the US and European automobiles to be worse than their counterparts made in Korea. It’s more expensive to buy America, but it will also cost you more to repair them. To learn which cars had the lowest number of problems after three years of use, click here to read on!

When you buy a car that costs more than $20,000 it’s not just a purchase. It’s an investment. If you spend less, however, and buy a cheaper luxury car, you might find that it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Below we’re listing five cars with ratings of three out of five stars or less from JD Power. A score of three indicates average while anything below three is unsatisfactory. They are: 1) Lexus ES350 2) Cadillac CTS 3) Chevrolet Corvette 4) BMW 5 Series 5) Audi A6

3 Rules to Follow if You Want to Buy a Luxury Car: Buying a luxury car can be an exciting experience for anyone!

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