Joel Kaplan, Facebook's Man in Washington The Infinite Reach

Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s Man in Washington: The Infinite Reach

There’s no doubt that Facebook’s General Counsel, Joel Kaplan, has become an influential man in Washington DC. The question on everyone’s mind, however, is how Kaplan got to where he is today and what his rise says about Facebook itself. What are the implications of having one of the most powerful figures in Washington reporting directly to the CEO of Facebook? How did Kaplan get his start at Facebook? How did he climb up the corporate ladder so quickly?

When things go wrong

Good for Joel for having the guts to stay and put up with all of the garbage. Of course, he still needs to be careful who he trusts, but what a great opportunity to watch how one bad apple can do so much damage when left unchecked. Hopefully, now that it has been exposed the President will be more mindful of what his people are doing on social media–he’ll never know it all. Perhaps this is the wake-up call Trump needs.

There’s no limit on what I can do with my wife and my kids. The infinite reach of Facebook is amazing because through all its social platforms it connects everyone on earth—in theory. People like us who aren’t public figures have access to help and guidance, we just have to know where to look!

New York Times turns the spotlight on Anti-Defamation League Founder Abraham Foxman

Abraham Foxman has been called the grand marshal of America’s anti-Semitism watchdog group for more than three decades. It was during his tenure as the director of the Anti-Defamation League that he received a phone call from Joel Kaplan, a lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis who worked with Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The very same day that Donald Trump had announced his candidacy and made many negative remarks about Mexican immigrants at Trump Tower, Kaplan asked Foxman to release a statement condemning Trump’s comments. It was just one of many instances where Mr. Foxman felt blindsided by events unfolding on the other side of the country — and where he felt he needed to respond with sharp indignation but little else.

Abe Foxman Speaks Out Against Facebook

Abe Foxman is an American activist and one of the godfathers of the national fight against hate. Foxman was national director of the Anti-Defamation League for 20 years and its top operative since 1967.

In an interview with me on Monday, he took aim at Facebook for its lack of transparency about its standards for takedowns, adding that he would like to see a general counsel or board members from various ethnic groups on the company’s staff who are deeply sensitive to racial matters. We have serious issues, he said. There should be much more understanding.

Foxman was also critical of Facebook policy enforcement through third-party outlets. The Internet is global; there should be some international code, he said.

Zuckerberg Responds

Mark and I understand that our greatest responsibility is our duty to connect people all over the world. For most of us, this means sharing with friends on social media. But for Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s Chief of Global Public Policy and the company’s first-ever General Counsel, it means meeting with public officials across the globe.

From airports to Oval Office visits, Joel has cemented himself as one of Washington’s most powerful lobbyists while creating a platform where hundreds of millions of Americans can engage with their government.

Following Days of Silent Treatment from Mark Zuckerberg, ADL CEO Questions His Commitment to Fight Anti-Semitism

Tuesday afternoon, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt called out Zuckerberg for not speaking up. It’s been days since the rally in Charlottesville, he wrote on Twitter. Silence from @facebook sends a message to those inciting violence and hate. He urged Facebook users to post the hashtag #FacebookAsksWhatMarkKnows.

Abe Foxman Resigns From Mark Zuckerberg’s Jewish Advisory Board Over ‘Silence’ About Holocaust Deniers On Facebook Page

Zuckerberg’s decision to allow conspiracy mongers to advertise on his site didn’t go unnoticed by Abe Foxman. In the wake of the violence and pain that have shaken many people across America and left others questioning who or what was behind them, Foxman resigned from Zuckerberg’s Jewish advisory board for failing to address conspiracy theorists’ use of Facebook as a platform for their incendiary ideas. ‘This is a very difficult decision,’ he wrote in a post on his personal website Sunday. ‘But my commitment to combatting anti-Semitism and bigotry transcends partisan politics.’ The insinuation was clear enough: unlike President Obama, who denounced hatred without identifying its target while delivering remarks at an interfaith vigil Wednesday night marking the anniversary of Sept.

Meanwhile, Twitter is Crawling with Holocaust Deniers

Kaplan is married to Jenna Jameson and is rumored to be taking a job with the Trump administration. Aside from having a successful career of his own, Kaplan is active on Twitter and has made controversial remarks about Charlottesville as well as other topics.

We Can’t Wait for Mark Zuckerberg To Get Rid Of Holocaust Deniers. ADL Says He Won’t. So We’re Here to Help Him Do It.

Facebook Vice President Joel Kaplan recently visited the Holocaust Museum and penned a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, imploring him to rethink Facebook’s policy of allowing Holocaust deniers and those who claim they are not real or are hoaxes to stay on the site. Earlier this week we published an op-ed by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt who explained why Zuckerberg should delete these deniers from his site. Neither of these seems likely, which leaves us with only one course of action. We’re going to help Zuckerberg find out everything he needs to know about Holocaust denial so that he can remove any fake posts about it from his site on his own.

On Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. This day of remembrance is important because it remembers the horrors that took place and help us never forget what happened to those who lost their lives. In observance of this day I am writing about something I found on a google search for Holocaust-related literature:

On April 30th, 1945 American troops liberated Buchenwald concentration camp and 2,613 survivors out of 60,000. At least 3 died from too much relief and joy.

It is sad to know that just being free can kill you because you are so overcome with relief. But then again, who would want to live with such horrors?

What Does it Mean When Big Tech Builds Artificial Intelligence? Maybe AI That Identifies Hate Speech Could Actually Identify Hate Speech.

AI is evolving to do a lot of what we do now. From tagging pictures on social media to calling a business and having an agent answer the phone. There is always the question about how ethical this technology will be though. This is why AI that identifies hate speech could actually identify hate speech if it was programmed right.

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