Laptop Stands to Ease Neck and Shoulder Pain

Laptop Stands to Ease Neck and Shoulder Pain

Plopping your laptop onto your desk at work or on the kitchen table at home can cause significant strain to your neck and shoulders. Over time, this can create serious health problems like tendinitis and even long-term nerve damage. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore! We’ve put together this list of the best laptop stands to keep your body healthy while you work on computer projects, watch movies, play games, and complete homework assignments.

Best Overall

ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand

The ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand is the best stand for people looking for a professional-looking alternative. It’s also compatible with most major brands of laptops, so you can use it whether you have an Apple or Windows device. It measures 23.5 x 16 x 3.5 in size, has a large storage compartment at the top for your mouse, keys, headphones or other accessories, and weighs in at just 6 pounds – which means it’s easy to move around wherever you need it. The base swivels 180 degrees so you can access your screen from any angle.

Standing Desk Converters

Monoprice Sit-Stand Desk Converter

The best way to keep yourself from slouching or developing repetitive strain injury is through a standing desk converter. There are many types on the market, with some of the cheapest starting at around $40. A sit-stand desk converter sits in front of your laptop and has a desk where you can adjust the height up or down so you can switch between sitting and standing positions. The Monoprice Sit-Stand Desk Converter is a great choice for those who use their laptops at home as it’s priced affordably but also sturdy enough for professional work environments.

A Cheap Stand

Superjare Dual Monitor Stand Riser

Superjare Dual Monitor Stand Riser does a fantastic job of elevating your computer screen so you don’t have to bend over for long periods of time. It has a sleek, modern design that takes up less desk space than traditional laptop stands. Also, the weight of the monitor rests on the stem so it doesn’t put pressure on your computer tower. This can help prevent overheating in your electronics and make sure they last longer. We love how this stand is easy to set up without any screws or bolts so you don’t have any complicated assembly process as well. The main downside is that this product won’t work with larger monitors or heavy laptops if you want them at eye level–but other than that, we think it’s a great stand!

Work From the Bed or Couch

Nnewvante Laptop Stand

It is not unheard of for laptop users to experience chronic back or neck pain as a result of poor posture or bad design of their workstation. In order to reduce the risk of injury, it is important that you find a good laptop stand that will suit your needs. For example, the Nnewvante Laptop Stand can accommodate both touch-screen and non-touch-screen devices. Plus, it has up to twenty-three inches of vertical adjustability so you can find the perfect working height without having to crane your neck upwards or downwards. Other benefits include ergonomic design, cord management, and carrying handles for easy transport on-the-go!

A Lap Desk Works Too

Yogibo Traybo 2.0

One of the best investments you can make for your comfort is an adjustable laptop stand, which props up your computer so that you’re not bending your neck or reaching. It will also help if you have a stiff neck or bad posture. You may also want to get a folding lap desk so that you can use it on the couch or in bed. Plus, this is one of the rare pieces of office furniture that doubles as a blanket! For example, Yogibo Traybo 2.0 (mentioned above) has a slot where it unfolds into a tray table for setting drinks or snacks. The top part flips down over your thighs so that you can lean back against it while typing. It’s ideal if you want to lounge while watching Netflix on your laptop!

The Most Minimal Stand

Rain Design mBar Pro+

A recent study found that, in general, laptop users spend 8.5 hours a day sitting. That’s the same as a 70-hour work week! Some people can’t stand to use laptops for more than an hour without neck or shoulder pain or discomfort. In this post, we’re going to talk about Rain Design mBar Pro+, a cool option for those who need some flexibility in their laptop stands.

If Looks Are Important

Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand

Grovemade’s Walnut Laptop Stand is perfect for those who want a strong yet elegant stand that will keep them in the perfect posture. It’s unique style with minimal materials makes it a great modern-day accessory while still being practical. Grovemade’s Walnut Laptop Stand is perfect for those who want a strong yet elegant stand that will keep them in the perfect posture. It’s unique style with minimal materials makes it a great modern-day accessory while still being practical. The desk platform tilts vertically so you can change the angle of your screen if you need help reading what’s on your screen (this may not be necessary if you use large fonts). If this isn’t enough, Grovemade also has an iPad version of their product.

Style on a Budget

HumanCentric Laptop Riser

Not only can laptop use lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain, but it is also extremely disruptive for those who are side sleepers or who like to stand while working. To make sitting more comfortable at your desk or on the couch, look for an affordable laptop stand that puts the screen at eye level and lifts it up so you’re not hunching over. Our pick for a budget laptop stand: HumanCentric Laptop Riser ($49). It adjusts from 14 inches high to 24 inches high, offers two angle options (50 degrees or 75 degrees), and has an unobtrusive design that won’t steal the spotlight from your workstation. Plus, this beauty is made in America by expert craftsmen with natural materials – which means it will last for years!

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