Top Features in MacOS Monterey You Need to Know About

Top Features in MacOS Monterey You Need to Know About

If you’re one of the lucky few to have access to MacOS Monterey, here are the top five features you need to know about that will help you take your productivity, efficiency, and engagement with your MacOS-using coworkers and clients to new heights. You’ll be doing so much more than multitasking like never before; you’ll be productive like never before!

Work, Chat, and Play

The best thing about macOS Monterey is the new work, chat, and play features. The work feature works seamlessly with Mail, Safari, and Pages/Numbers/Keynote/etc. The chat feature also offers a great way to connect with people who are already on your list of contacts. All of this is possible through video chat. With the play feature, you have access to a vast array of games through Steam. Now with many games only being released on Steam due to lack of console support or simply because it’s not worth their time or money to bring it over (such as Animal Crossing), this gives gamers everywhere a chance at playing some fantastic titles that they may not have otherwise had access too because they were made exclusively for PC-users.

Continuity Camera and Screenshots

If you’re a Mac and iOS user, the new Continuity Camera and Screenshots features are going to make your life way easier. With these two features, you can save screenshots from your iPhone on your Mac automatically and drag photos directly from your camera roll into editing software. Plus, if you want a screenshot but don’t want anyone else peeking at it before it’s saved on your computer, just press cmd+shift+S!

Storage Sense

You don’t need to keep track of every file you save, Mac will take care of it for you. Using Storage Sense, the operating system will automatically find old files and delete them from your computer when you tell it what you want left. And when a new app comes out that starts saving tons of pictures and documents on your computer, Storage Sense will keep things organized for you. Now, say goodbye to that storage-hogging messy desktop!

Better Siri

In MacOS Monterey, Siri will now be able to have a natural back-and-forth conversation. This means that you won’t have to say Hey Siri after every question. It also looks like you’ll be able to get more from Siri- instead of just being able to ask what the weather is outside, for example, you’ll be able to start a timer without leaving your app. With iOS 12 coming out later this year, it will no longer feel like you’re talking one on one with your assistant- conversations will feel more natural as your phone listens for follow-up commands.

Dark Mode

Apple is doubling down on dark mode by extending it into their new iOS, watchOS, and macOS OS called Monterey. All of these operating systems will support this new feature. The dark mode is part of a growing trend that looks to minimize glare from screens. Apple takes it one step further with deep blacks, rich colors, and low-contrast highlights. Check out some screenshots of the new dark mode in macOS below.

Stacks App

Stack is a great new app for MacOS. It combines stacks of multiple file types and photos into a single folder. When the new Stacks app is enabled, it will allow you to place your favorite files at the top of the screen by dragging them up to an icon at the bottom of the screen. A toolbar with quick access buttons can be enabled with one click. Once these favorites are visible, clicking on any one of them will bring up all information related to that file type or photo. This can save you from having to open different windows and search through them for what you’re looking for. With Stacks, you can see all your projects and their specific content items in one place- instead of organizing everything into separate projects.

App Store Improvements

Apple has added several new features for their App Store that may have flown under your radar. With these upgrades, users will have a smoother time finding new apps and using the store for updates. The most noticeable of the updates is the return of app previews, which are essentially animated ads. As of now, there are 1,600 Apple-made ones available but developers can create their own too if they’re willing to put in the effort. These animations will play automatically when someone clicks on an app’s icon and can help drive up interest and downloads.

Siri Shortcuts on iPad

Siri shortcuts are one of the most exciting features coming to macOS Monterey this fall. Your Siri voice commands can be made available right on your iPad. This will make multitasking easier than ever before! The features, including being able to activate Siri without physically touching your iPad, are all things that users want and they finally look like they’re going to happen.

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