MySNHU: Login and Registration Process in 2022

MySNHU: Login and Registration Process in 2022

Starting in 2022, the entire process of logging into your MySNHU account and completing registration will be completely paperless and completely online. Students will no longer have to wait for their school materials to arrive in the mail or go to their school’s physical location to complete paperwork, instead, MySNHU will offer students all of their required course materials online and each student’s registration paperwork will be completed during their freshman year and saved electronically so students can review it when they need to complete registration again. Here’s what the login and registration process might look like in 2022.

Why this is important

The login process for MySNHU will have been updated to require you to enter a 4-digit PIN instead of your 8-character ID. This decision was made after the team surveyed students, faculty, and staff about their preferred login methods. The survey found that 9 out of 10 people would prefer a 4-digit PIN over an 8-character ID.

The survey also found that many people were interested in using biometric identification as an alternative to passwords or PINs. Biometrics are used for things like a finger or eye scanning with the goal of making it easier to log into MySNHU.

Current Step 1: Take a snapshot

For the registration process, students will take a snapshot of their photo ID. This photo can be taken with any camera, phone, or tablet. The picture needs to clearly show the student’s face and their full name on the ID card.

Students must also enter their e-mail addresses. They are encouraged to use an account they already have (such as Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) but if they do not have one they can create a new account at that time.

Current Step 2

Students can access their MySNHU account by visiting, clicking on the My SNHU tab, and logging in with their username and password. Once they have logged into the site, they will see a homepage that includes all of their current class schedules, grades, and personal information including name, address, phone number, and email address.

Students also have access to an overview of their progress toward graduation as well as a list of upcoming course registration deadlines. They are able to view this information by clicking on the drop-down menu located next to My SNHU.

MySNHU is a student portal that allows for self-registration for classes, accessing current grades, viewing upcoming deadlines and requirements, checking student account information, locating campus resources, and submitting requests to support staff. To access My SNHU in order to use these tools students must first log into their My SNHU account with their username and password located on their class schedule.

They can then view their personal information as well as registration dates by clicking on the drop-down menu located under My SNHU. Students are also able to request additional academic resources or course accommodations through My SNHU.

Future Step 1

The first step in the registration process is finding your username. This can be done by entering your SNHU email address into the Find Your Username search box. Once you have entered your email, a list of potential usernames will appear on the screen. Once you have found an available username, simply click on it to select it as your username.

If an available username is not found, you may be prompted to choose another username. Once you have chosen a username, your screen will refresh with a registration form that requires several fields to be filled out. Your first name, last name, and email address are required fields; other optional information includes creating a password, security questions, and personal interests.

Once you have entered all of your information into MySNHU’s registration form, click on Create Account at the bottom of your screen to register for classes on MySNHU! Logging in to MySNHU is also an easy process. Use your email address as your username when logging in for ease of use.

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