The Northman Deserves More Than Cult Classic Status A Close Reading

The Northman Deserves More Than Cult Classic Status: A Close Reading

The eponymous Northman Deserves, known to his contemporaries as Beowulf, may very well be the most famous Anglo-Saxon in history. Beowulf, written by the mysterious Shaper of the poem, was performed at royal courts in England during the seventh century and traveled northward with the Anglo-Saxons when they invaded Britain in the fifth century CE. The poem was copied and recopied by monastic scribes across Europe into the thirteenth century; finally, about six hundred years after it was first composed, John Josselyn translated it into modern English in 1605.


For many Game of Thrones fans, the few episodes that were shot in Iceland are among the most memorable. The frigid beauty of the country provided a perfect setting for some of the show’s harshest scenes. But more importantly, those two weeks spent in Iceland helped cement Jaime Lannister’s status as one of the show’s most honorable and vital characters Northman Deserves.

It isn’t just that he lost his hand while rescuing Brienne from Bolton and his men; it is that this amazing scene did not need any dialogue to convey what was going on inside Jaime’s head. We could see him trying to brace himself for what would happen next before steeling himself against pain and injustice in order to finish rescuing Brienne, after which he might face death at Bolton’s hands.

Strong Characterization

Despite the many types of people, there is one who has gone mostly unnoticed: The Northman. In this paper, I would like to discuss how the Northman Deserves are portrayed in the TV show Vikings and how their potential plot lines have contributed to their low profile on the internet.

Eloquent Dialogue

Harold and Edith uncover the rough draft of an unpublished novel. They do not know the name of the author, but they think it might be Ruth Clowes. Harold is excited that someone so talented could be writing in Northman Deserves. Then he finds out it is a mash-up—a book put together by combining excerpts from two books to make one new story, usually without permission or notification to the original authors or copyright holders. To Edith’s dismay, Harold decides to publish the manuscript as is, and with little information about Ruth Clowes other than her words on paper. Harold then goes ahead and prints up five hundred copies.

Refreshing Tone & Approach

Peter Thompson is a scholar and critic of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. In this close reading, he discusses how people are perceiving The Lord of the Rings differently with each generation, and what role it has in contemporary culture. He argues that today’s attitude towards Tolkien is complicated by an increasing level of sophistication on the part of critics and readers. We see this in both viewers who used to watch stranger things like The Hobbit as a family entertainment film now binge-watching TV series based on The Lord of the Rings on Netflix and other platforms, as well as in academic commentary which reveals a depth not seen in decades past.

Well-timed Humor

In 437 AD, St. Patrick came to Ireland with a mission. To eliminate its culture. To convert its people to Christianity. And to wipe out the ancient Druids and their traditional wisdom and beliefs. So what could this have in common with Wahlberg’s hero? The short answer is, nothing. It couldn’t be farther from being a love letter to Irish history if it tried. Let’s just hope that in 20 years or so we’ll look back on these movies as just another run of cult classics like The Exorcist (1973) or Shrek (2001).

Symbolism & Metaphors Section 6) Character Arcs

  1. He’s a ball of secrets, anger, and vulnerability: For better or worse, the show never gave us a full understanding of what’s going on in the heads of these characters. The more we saw of Ragnar’s youth–especially his very human need for revenge against his brother Rollo–the more sense it made that Ragnar was a man full of regret and rage; just look at the way he reacted to Torvi’s death. 2. Being Hard to Like is Better than being Easy to Hate: We watched how Bjorn reacted as he struggled with figuring out how to balance being born into this position with also wanting justice for his murdered mother Aslaug (and perhaps dealing with her nasty father Sigurd).

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