Sasha Monik Spurs Dating Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

Sasha Monik Spurs Dating Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

Sasha Monik Sparks Dating Rumors with Cryptic Instagram Post! Love After Lockup star and former inmate Sasha Monik Sparks has started dating again, and fans are wondering who the lucky guy is. The reality star has kept her relationships close to her chest in the past but decided to share photos of herself getting cozy with someone new on Instagram recently, prompting fans to speculate that there might be wedding bells in her future! Keep reading to learn more about this mysterious man!

What’s Going On?

It’s no secret that Sasha Monik is single and ready to mingle. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been romantically linked to a slew of celebs in recent years, including Young Jeezy and Tyga. However, one thing she hasn’t really addressed is her sexuality. Now, the 26-year-old bombshell has sparked even more dating rumors with an ambiguous post on her Instagram account.

On Monday morning, Sasha shared an image of a woman wearing a shirt that read She Wants To Date Girls Too underneath it in pink letters.

Alongside her caption, Sasha wrote, trying to figure out how to ask my crush out and not make it seem like a big deal. While she doesn’t explicitly come out in her post, it seems like she was encouraging people to share their tips on asking someone on a date. However, according to fans of Sasha, there’s more going on than meets the eye. In fact, many followers took one look at her post and automatically assumed that she is bisexual or lesbian.

Fans Are Confused

Dating rumors have surrounded Sasha Monik Sparks for years, but it was never confirmed until now. She posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story saying When I find love again, it will be with someone who is equally as passionate about life, love, and the world. There has been much speculation over the past few years as to whether or not she is dating anyone and this has only been speculated because of her lack of posts on social media. However, her post leads many to believe that she may be single once again.

The statement was posted to her account a few days ago and ever since then, fans have been all over trying to figure out who she could be dating. The post started speculation about if it’s for her current boyfriend or if she has already left him and is now seeing someone else.

However, fans are not sure because there have been no rumors linking her up with anyone. Sasha has been working on a new album recently so that may have kept her away from social media lately but we can expect more posts soon on social media to find out what’s really going on in Sasha Monik Sparks’ love life.

Is She Coming Out?

In a recent post, Sasha Monik didn’t reveal any details about her relationship status or if she is coming out. What she did do was post a photo of herself with an emoji-filled caption that sparked dating rumors. She captioned the photo I’m not sorry, which has led many to speculate whether she is coming out as gay or acknowledging that she is already in a same-sex relationship.

If you’re not familiar with Sasha’s work, you may remember her from her starring role on MTV’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce and as one of the stars of Bravo TV’s The People’s Couch.

What Do You Think?

The mystery continues with Sasha Monik’s recent post on Instagram. The artist posted a picture of herself with a few friends and the caption: you can’t spell ‘passion’ without ‘sass.’ She then added a pink heart emoji to the end of her post. Fans quickly flooded her comments section with their thoughts, from asking if she was referring to her love life to inquiring about whether or not this is an announcement for new music. Whatever Sasha is up to, we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Some fans were quick to offer their support and encouragement for Sasha, but others had a different take on her post. ‘You look so cute! If you just wanna find yourself a man I think that’s awesome,’ one wrote. Another said: ‘I love you!! Where are you at with all of these men? You’re killing me!!!! Lol.’ However, she received more negative attention than positive responses when someone commented: ‘Bored now’ But Sasha didn’t let it bring her down and ended her caption with a smiley face emoji as well.

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