Scorned Woman's Fury: A Rage-Fueled Memoir of a Marriage-Ending Affair

Scorned Woman’s Fury: A Rage-Fueled Memoir of a Marriage-Ending Affair

My marriage was going through some problems in our second year of being together, but I never imagined my husband would have an affair with the woman who had just moved into the apartment down the hall from us. I found out about it after overhearing them having sex in their bedroom one night. My husband had told me he was going to be working late, so I went home early and listened at the door because I was worried about him.

The Beginning

The time had come. It was the late 1990s and my marriage was broken. I had left my first husband after a marriage-ending affair. And here I was, starting over again with another man who wanted to get married again as soon as possible and have children. That seemed too soon to me, but maybe it didn’t really matter at this point in life whether you chose to marry again or not. Maybe that only mattered when you were twenty years old.
The Marriage-Ending Affair (continued): I would never be one of those women who saw marriage as an easy way out of your problems, regardless if it was marriage with someone else or yourself.

The End

The affair ended up destroying her marriage and her relationship with her children and cause of Marriage-Ending Affair. The only thing that remains is the seething rage she feels for the man who destroyed everything she had. She will never forgive him for what he has done, and she swears to God that if they ever cross paths again she will do everything in her power to make his life a living hell. He deserves it for what he put her through, she says. He needs to pay for all the pain and suffering that was inflicted on everyone around him.

In Between

The affair began when she and her husband were in their late twenties and living in Kentucky. They had just bought their first house and both had decent jobs, but the future was uncertain. They were trying to start a family, but it wasn’t happening as quickly as they wanted it to. She was pregnant for the first time when he confessed to cheating on her with his coworker. They agreed that infidelity would be grounds for divorce and tried to work things out for the sake of their unborn child. But after three years of putting up with what felt like constant fighting and it is cause of Marriage-Ending Affair, she found out about another affair—this time from his sister who heard him bragging about it at dinner.

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