The 8 Best USB Flash Drives for Your Storage Needs

The 8 Best USB Flash Drives for Your Storage Needs

There are plenty of reasons to use flash drives—they’re small and portable, which makes them convenient to use on any device with a USB port, and they hold enough data to back up several devices at once. Whether you want the speed or capacity of an SSD or the security offered by hardware encryption, there’s a storage device out there that’s right for you—so long as you know what to look for. Here are eight of the best flash drives available on the market today!


If you’re in the market for a reliable, sleek, and premium-looking flash drive that has impressive transfer speeds, then you should definitely consider investing in a KLEVV NEO U1. This is perfect if you often find yourself on the go since it’s not too big nor too small but it still has enough storage to store a good number of files. It’s also water resistant which can be helpful if you end up leaving your flash drive in your pocket or purse. With fast transfer speeds and rugged durability, this is one of the best choices on our list today.

2) Samsung BAR Plus

Samsung BAR Plus. The Samsung BAR Plus is the perfect balance of size and storage, with a large 64GB capacity but not a bulky form factor. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, it feels sturdy and reliable in your hand and will stay securely inside any laptop or tablet accessory. Plus, it’s compatible with all major operating systems, from Windows 10 to Mac OS 10.11! Available on Amazon for $69.99

3) MyDigitalSSD OTG Drive

MyDigitalSSD OTG Drive is one of the best external storage solutions in the market. This lightweight and portable OTG drive connect to your Android phone or tablet via a special connector cable. It gives you all the features you need and none of the hassle of cables that can’t seem to stay connected when you’re on the go. The OTG drive is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities.

4) Inateck 64GB T6

The Inateck 64GB T6 is one of the highest-rated flash drives on Amazon, and it’s also cheap. You can buy a 64GB flash drive on Amazon starting at just over $5, so this is an excellent choice if you want high storage at an affordable price. It has a metal casing to keep your data safe from falls and spills and supports high transfer speeds of up to 480Mb/s. Other features include: read speeds up to 100MB/s, low power consumption (1.2W), password protection, no driver needed, read-only design, updatable firmware (Windows 10 only), and plug & play compatibility.

5) Transcend JetFlash 780

An external flash drive is a useful tool to have on hand, even if you own a computer with an extensive amount of memory. External drives are especially helpful if you are one of those people who love taking pictures and editing videos but don’t want to deal with the worry of having to store your entire library on your phone or camera. The Transcend JetFlash 780 is one of the best options currently available because it has been shown to have much faster read/write speeds than most similar products on the market. In addition, this product comes with a range of features that other products do not offer, such as: – A 32GB capacity – An ultra-compact design (approximately 5mm) – Durability for up to 1000 drops

6) Silicon Power Jewel J80 USB Flash Drive

Like many flash drives, the Silicon Power Jewel J80 USB Flash Drive is made with a plug-and-play, ultra-portable design. Available in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB versions, this USB 3.0 compatible storage device makes the perfect accessory to any laptop or desktop computer and is perfect for students who need to move files around easily or simply want to save their work on a daily basis. The Jewel J80 also comes equipped with impressive water resistance as well as maximum protection from natural shocks and vibrations so you don’t have to worry about ruining your data if you ever drop it on accident!

7) Crazyloop CZ53 Mini USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Lightning Connector (16GB, Blue)

Storage isn’t just used to store videos and photos. All kinds of files can take up a lot of space, including software, games, music, or TV episodes. Crazy loop CZ53 Mini USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Lightning Connector (16GB, Blue)

has many features to make your life easier, such as an attractive blue exterior that matches Apple products, super-fast data transfer speeds with reading speeds up to 130MB/s, and write speeds up to 30MB/s. Plus, it has the longest power-on time: 240 hours! The 16GB capacity gives you plenty of room to hold all your favorite content without filling up too quickly. It even has a five-year warranty if you register within one month!

8) Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 16GB Pen Drive

When you’re looking for a data storage device that’s fast, reliable, and has plenty of space, your search is over. The Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 16GB Pen Drive combines an ultra-slim design with an elegant metal casing to store all your music, movies, pictures, and more without taking up any desk space. It comes in four gorgeous colors so you can find the one that matches your personality best. With its included AutoBackup and Password Protection software, it’s easy to keep everything safe from potential thieves or snoopers.

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