The Best Applications in the Windows 11 Store for 2023

The Best Applications in the Windows 11 Store for 2023

There are a lot of great applications in the Windows 11 Store. Microsoft Edge is one of my favorite web browsers, and I use it on all my devices. Microsoft Store has a lot of free games and apps that you can try before buying them (and then buy if you like them). Facebook is always fun to use, and Bing makes finding things much easier than Google does–and there are so many other useful apps like Word for Windows or Office 365!

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that’s part of Windows 10. It’s fast and secure, so you can surf the web without worrying about your data getting hacked or stolen.

Edge also has a built-in Reading List, which lets you save articles from websites to read later. You can even use tabs as bookmarks in Reading List, making it easy to find relevant pages without having to type in their names every time (which is good because most people have trouble remembering URLs).

In addition to saving articles for later reading on any device with an internet connection, Edge also includes an app called “Notes” built into it that allows users to create notes while they’re browsing online or doing other tasks at home or work—like jotting down ideas while watching TV shows with friends via video chat when everyone else is busy talking together instead…

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is a place where you can find great applications for your Windows device. It offers you a wide range of apps for your Windows device and provides a great selection of apps for your Windows device.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor and text editor that you can use to write, edit, and create documents and presentations. It’s a great application for those who are looking for an app that can help them with writing and editing text quickly.

  • Writing: You can use this app to write articles or blog posts by simply typing your ideas into their interface. The software will allow you to format the text as well so it looks better when published online or printed out in paper form!
  • Editing: This program allows users who want more control over how their words look when displayed on screen than just being able to add italics or boldface words (or whatever else). You also get options like choosing between different fonts (like serif vs sans-serif) which might make finding specific ones easier than before!


Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to create profiles, send messages, and share photos. The application also allows you to communicate with friends and family members through chat features.

Facebook offers many different ways for you to connect with your loved ones on the platform:

  • You can add people as friends by entering their email addresses or phone number into your profile page.
  • If you already have a Facebook account, simply log in using your existing credentials instead of creating another one from scratch (though this may take some time).
  • Create new accounts when you want someone else’s information about yourself so that they can see what kind of posts appear on your Timeline (the main part of the website).


Bing is a search engine that you can use to find information on the Internet. It’s been around for years, but it’s still one of the best ways to find what you’re looking for on the web.

Bing also has other features like displaying news from around the world and showing people who have seen your profile in their social media feeds. This makes it easier than ever before for someone who wants some personal help from their friends or family members who are using Bing!


Gmail is a free email service that’s available on many devices, including PCs and Macs, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and tablets (including the Surface Pro), Apple Watch, and Android smartwatches.

You can also get Gmail through voice commands on Google Home devices with iOS or Android operating systems.

Gmail offers all the features you’d expect from an email client: send/receive messages; read emails; create new ones; attach files to messages; respond directly from your phone or tablet without having to open anything up in another app first—and more! If you have multiple accounts set up with various providers such as Facebook Messenger (for example), it will show them all together instead of separating them out into separate tabs like most other apps do today under Windows 10 version 2210 or lower versions after installing this update due next month sometime within August 2021 at latest.”

Windows Utilities and Extras Pack (Vista Tools)

Vista Tools is a collection of tools for Windows Vista. It is not available in the Windows Store (only available from the Microsoft website), so you’ll have to install it yourself if you want to use these apps on your Windows 10 computer.

There are five components:

  • C++ Builder Express for Visual Studio 2012 – This application lets you create applications for both traditional desktop PCs and mobile devices using C++/CX programming language.
  • Visual Basic 6 Editor (VB6) – This editor lets users edit VB6 code directly within their OS X or Linux operating system without having to switch over to an external text editor like Notepad++ or Sublime Text 2 which can work very well when developing legacy software but isn’t ideal for new projects where speed matters most because each keystroke takes longer than usual due to its underlying nature being more complex than those found within other editors such as Notepad++ which has been optimized specifically with modern computing needs in mind since its creation back in 1993!

There are a lot of great applications in the Windows 11 Store.

There are a lot of great applications in the Windows 11 Store. Microsoft Edge is an excellent browser and has many features that make it better than Chrome or Firefox, including ad-blocking, private browsing, and WebRTC protection. The Microsoft Store is also an outstanding place to find apps as well as games for your phone or tablet device.

Microsoft Word 2016 is a great word processor for all your writing needs whether you’re creating reports or just writing emails at work or school! If you don’t have time to write something long-form then there are plenty of short stories available on this app too which can be accessed from within any other application such as Facebook Messenger Chat (or even Instagram stories).


The Windows 11 Store is a great place to find and install apps. Whether you’re looking for an experimental game or something practical like Facebook, there’s a good chance that it’s in here somewhere. We hope this list has helped you narrow down what types of applications would best suit your needs in the future!

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