The Best Modern Wireless Chargers

The Best Modern Wireless Chargers

wireless charging has made its way into our life, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! No more having to find a wire just to charge your phone! There are many modern wireless chargers out there, so it can be hard to find the best one. However, if you keep these tips in mind, you should be able to find the best wireless charger for you! If you need some help finding the best wireless charger that matches your needs, take a look at this guide to modern wireless chargers! It will help walk you through the whole process of choosing one that works well with your needs!

The Best Stand

Twelve South PowerPic Mod Wireless Charger

Twelve South’s PowerPic Mod Wireless Charger makes it easier than ever to charge your devices on the go with just a single hand. Simply drop your device onto the magnetic plate and it’ll automatically start charging, with no wires or plugs required. Additionally, the PowerPic Mod Wireless Charger is reversible and offers flexibility for any device you place on it. Whether you need to quickly charge your iPhone in the car, or want to charge two iPads at once on your desk at home, Twelve South has got you covered!

The Best Pad

Nomad Base Station Mini Magnetic

Nomad Base Station Mini Magnetic is one of the best wireless chargers on the market. With a special metal contact base and upright stand, it’s small enough to take with you wherever you go while still being powerful enough to fully charge your phone. The circular metal piece also has a slot for holding cards so you can leave your wallet at home if you’re going out for the night. The slot also fits cash nicely, and I was able to fit about $50 worth of cash in mine without it feeling uncomfortable or too tight. If you’re looking for an easy way to wirelessly charge your devices, this is a great product for less than $100!

Best Cheap Wireless Charger

Anker PowerWave Pad and Stand

One of the best wireless chargers available is the Anker PowerWave Pad and Stand. Anker is a respected brand when it comes to wireless charging and they are well known for quality products. This model charges up to four times faster than some competitors, and with its slim design, it can work with many cases. When not charging wirelessly, you can use the stand as a type of battery bank to charge your other devices on the go. What makes this charger so great is that is doesn’t require any extra components in order to work, so anyone can use it without any hassle.

Best for iPhone 12 and 13 Owners

Apple MagSafe Charger

An Apple MagSafe Charger is perfect for people who have an iPhone 12 or 13 because of the inclusion of a magnetic adapter. The ability to break the charger off if your phone starts to charge over an open flame makes it easy to prevent a fire and saves you money on electricity by not having to leave the phone plugged in all day. MagSafe is more durable than most wireless chargers, with plenty of different configurations available that cover just about any need you might have. Plus, they are compatible with both Samsung and iPhones, so there’s no worrying about battery life.

Best Car Charger

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

iOttie Wireless Car Charger is an affordable charger that charges up to 5X faster than other car chargers. It features two-coil technology and three charging modes for a smarter and faster charge. It’s compatible with smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, wearables, cameras, iPods, tablets, and more so you can power up any device on the go. Plus the best part? You don’t have to plug anything in! This simple-to-use wireless charger makes it easy for anyone to juice up their phone or tablet on the go. Great for road trips or when you’re running errands with your kids because there are no cables involved which means no tangled wires!

Charge Any Phone Magnetically

Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand

Mophie’s Snap+ Wireless Charging Stand has become the best on the market because of its simplistic, elegant design that is easy to use and perfect for home, office or anywhere else. This sleek charger stands upright and comes with a high-quality aluminum base. It’s made to charge both an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time, either separately or together. The technology inside the stand has been able to maximize charging efficiency so you get up to 1.7x faster charge times than many other models on the market today. It also only takes 2 hours for a full charge from 0-100%! As someone who has tried all types of chargers, this one remains my favorite.

An Eco-Friendly Charger

Nimble Apollo Wireless Pad

Nimble’s wireless pad is the perfect pick for someone who needs a pad to power both their laptop and tablet with ease. Simply place your gadgets on top of the pad, plug in the AC adapter, and voila! You’re all set. This is perfect for people who like to stay mobile because it’s not bulky or heavy and can easily fit into your bag, briefcase, or purse. A must-have for any technology-dependent commuter.

Best for the Nightstand (and Pixel Phones)

Google Pixel Stand

Google’s Pixel Stand is one of the best wireless chargers for Pixel phones and also one of the best in general, too. It will wirelessly charge your device on a pad that does not touch it, which makes for an overall sleeker experience when charging at home. You just need to put your phone on it and watch it fill up with juice without touching a wire. That said, this charger might not be as flexible as some others because you have to have a Pixel phone in order to use it. However, if you do have a Pixel phone and love using wireless charging technology, then the Google Pixel Stand is definitely worth checking out.

A Linen Dual Charger

Courant Catch:2 Essentials

Wireless chargers are incredibly convenient for when you need to charge your phone but hate having to untangle cords. The Catch:2 Essentials comes with one charging pad and two circular rings that allow you to have a spare pad without the need for extra cables or adapters. Charging is so easy and doesn’t take much time at all. And because they’re wireless, there’s no possibility of damage to any of your devices from using a cord that might become snagged on something while it’s charging. Plus, they’re designed specifically to work with iPhones, Android phones, and other similar smartphones so you can stay charged on the go without lugging around different types of chargers.

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