The Conspiracy Behind Hollywood's Blood-Harvesting Dark Virality

The Conspiracy Behind Hollywood’s Blood-Harvesting Dark Virality

Here’s one of the juiciest stories about Hollywood you’ll hear all year. The Dark Virality of a Hollywood Blood-Harvesting Conspiracy will shock you and make you question everything you believe in… or it might just confirm everything you already fear is happening behind the curtains of Tinseltown. You decide. Here’s what happened – TMZ did an interview with one of the most famous A-list actors in Hollywood and asked him to tell them one story he’d never told anyone before – and this is the story he told.

What’s in it for them?

In the days of old Hollywood, actors were used to putting forth the manufactured persona of some of history’s most iconic figures. Thanks to studios’ contracts and unions, actors didn’t have a say in what roles they played or how their work was edited. Nowadays, though, celebrity gossip sites like TMZ seem more intent on manufacturing drama for attention than covering actual news. With the demand for salacious content through social media exponentially increasing, it’s clear that we live in a world where perception is reality.

Ritual sacrifice in bloodletting as entertainment

A ritual sacrifice in bloodletting as entertainment? What the heck does that mean? Here’s how it works: Put a bunch of blood donors on an assembly line, hook them up to IV bags of blood and then basically just turn the bag of blood off, until the donor has bled out. By not giving them any more blood, you keep their heart pumping slowly and all the while people are watching and paying to watch this craziness happen. Talk about entertainment, with mass demand for great content like this.

Technology and DNA manipulation in ritualistic bloodletting

New DNA technology like CRISPR can edit DNA sequences in such a way that they are irreversible. This means any changes made to a genome would be inherited by all descendants of the organism it was introduced to. A more benign application of this technology could be using it to create genetically modified animals, with bigger muscles and more meat for consumption, or humans with resistance to Alzheimer’s disease or HIV/AIDS. It is also possible for the same human genes responsible for making hair brown and eyes blue to be manipulated in order not just those traits but even ones unrelated to those qualities.

What does the Illuminati get out of it?

Hollywood has a history of getting dark. From powerhouses, like Illuminati exposed Oprah Winfrey to a feud over Rihanna and Chris Brown, the entertainment industry is a breeding ground for conspiracy. The recent sensation that made headlines about iconic celebrities regularly donating blood for money was the bloodiest reveal of all. This practice allegedly generates $10 million per year through plasma donations from young and popular celebrities to old and vulnerable ones – but what does this horror story have to do with the infamous Illuminati? And who are they?

How did they take over the industry?

Since the industry was largely unregulated, it was easy for their blood-harvesting program to take over. All they had to do was bribe film producers and executives and make backroom deals. It is not difficult for them to produce a great volume of pictures in a short period of time without compromising the quality or consistency of images, thanks to modern filmmaking technologies such as computer-generated imagery. They also control production budgets, guaranteeing they will always receive healthy payouts no matter how bad the films do at the box office.

Why won’t they stop it?

Hollywood has been planting stories in the news for years now. This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the general public or public officials will make a concentrated effort to stop this agenda. That said, that doesn’t mean that one can’t try and stop them by talking about it openly and with other people in order to make people aware of what they’re doing.

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