The Perfect Farming Base for TH13

The Perfect Farming Base for TH13

Congratulations, TH13 players! You’re now in the most important part of your Clash of Clans career. Having fought your way through TH12 and with the looming threat of TH14 upon you, it’s time to start working on securing the resources needed to upgrade and level up defenses if you want to stay competitive in Clan Wars or at the top of your leaderboard. If you don’t have this level yet or are feeling stuck, follow along with this helpful guide to make sure that you have the best farming base possible!

Base Design in General in TH13

If you are a beginner, farming is the best way to keep your village safe. If you want to be able to farm effectively, it is important that you have a good base design. The base should be at least two layers deep and not too spread out. This will make it difficult for attackers to get through all of your defenses and raid everything inside your walls.

First Layer

I like to start with walls because it’s important to protect your loot from the get-go. Walls are also very easy to upgrade as you progress in TH13, so it doesn’t hurt to put them up first. I like using one layer of storage followed by one layer of walls.

The wall placement is a bit off and will be changed in future updates, but this is a basic layout that can be used as well. It looks nicer if you add two doors on opposite sides of the base one facing up and the other facing down, but this is not necessary. I also recommend putting your collectors inside one of these two layers so they’re protected too!

Second Layer

This base is efficient and also has a strong defense against giants, which makes it perfect to use in a league. The only problem with this base is that it can be difficult to attack other bases because of the sheer amount of air defenses, but if you have a really fast troop with good range then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. This farming base can also be used for trophy pushing by upgrading the defenses so that the base is harder to beat. Here are the steps:

1) Upgrade all of your level 1 towers to level 2.

2) Upgrade all of your level 2 towers to level 3.

3) Upgrade your air sweeper and inferno tower to the max.

Third Layer

You can also try to complete the base with a third layer. A lot of players go for air defenses here, but I think it’s best to place ground defenses on this layer. This is because the point of using this base is to let your troops live as long as possible so that you can get all three stars.

Air defenses are great in theory, but when you run into someone who uses hog riders or a Valkyre strategy, then your air defense will be worthless in less than five seconds. Most people only use air defense if they have a dragon and wiz tower in their second layer as well. It’s also worth noting that some people may find success with inferno towers on their third layer.

Fourth Layer

– Level 6 Giants on the left and right of the core in a triangle formation.

– Level 4 Dragons on the left and right of the giants in a triangle formation.

– Level 5 Hounds behind each dragon (two at each corner).

– Level 5 Wizards behind each giant (two at each corner).

Fifth Layer

At the fifth layer, you will want to place your Wizard Tower in the corner that is furthest from the enemy’s path. Placing a Wizard Tower at this location will offer you a bit more protection as it will provide an extra layer of defense and give your troops some time to reach your base. You should also place a Mortar or Archer Tower on either side of the Wizard Tower. This will give it some backup and stop any Hog Riders from getting close enough to take out your defenses.

You should also make sure that there is plenty of room around the outside of this layer so that once again, troops don’t get too close to your core. The last thing you want is Hog Riders doing damage before they’re even able to reach your other layers.

Sixth Layer

In the sixth layer, the defenses are focused on protecting your dark elixir storage and your DE drill. You will want to place two cannons in the center of this layer and surround them with archer towers. The reason you want to put a cannon in the center is so that they will cover all three DE drills as well as your dark elixir storage.

Place 4-5 cannons around these two in the L shape to provide protection from air attacks, and then put one more cannon on each side of them for more defense from ground troops. This can be expensive but it is worth it since a successful attack on this base could cost you up to 60k dark elixir or more if you don’t have any extra defenses guarding it.

Seventh Layer

The first step in creating a farming base is to decide how many levels of defenses your base will need. The level of defense you are looking for largely depends on the number of builders and troops you want to stockpile before attacking.

For example, if you have 15 builders and only want to attack once every two hours, you can get away with only three layers of walls. On the other hand, if you are planning on attacking every hour and have 30 builders at your disposal, a five-layer farming base should work just fine.

Walls and Defenses

  1. Giant Bombs in the north and south against giants
  2. Air Defenses in the North, East, and West against dragons
  3. Wizard Tower in the North to guard against wizards
  4. Wizard Tower in the South to guard against wizards
  5.  Mortars along all outer walls
  6.  Air Sweeper at the end of each outer wall
  7. Archers near wizard tower in the north and south

Town Hall Placement Strategy

You need to have an idea of what your town hall placement strategy will be before building. Place your town hall in a corner as close to the middle of the base as possible. This way, it is easy to defend against ground troops and air troops from three different directions. You also need to plan out where you want your defenses to go and which areas you want them to cover.

As with any base, you should have the outer perimeter well-defended with air defenses and archer towers. Placing these defensive structures in the corners will give them more range coverage without wasting space inside the base. The outer perimeter walls should be at least 3-6 spaces wide depending on how much space you have available.

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