The Viral Selfie App You Need to Know About

The Viral Selfie App You Need to Know About

Do you love taking selfies? So do your friends and family, which makes it a great way to share the moment with them. The problem, though, is that all those photos can end up cluttering your phone’s camera roll, making it hard to access the pictures you really want to see when you’re on the go. But thanks to Voilà, the latest selfie app to hit the market, you’ll never have to scroll through hours of old pictures in order to find just one or two again.

Who made it?

Voilà is a smartphone app that allows users to take selfies with a celebrity-like background. Unlike traditional selfie apps, Voilà uses advanced facial and image recognition software combined with augmented reality technology to generate these in-app backgrounds. With an increased interest in the app, we had the opportunity to speak with its creator, Kanishk Parashar about his process and findings from this new project.

Kanishk Parashar grew up in Singapore, attended Stanford University for undergraduate study, then completed a Ph.D. in Applied Physics at Cornell University. Before the launch of Voilà, he served as President of OTOY Inc., Chief Executive Officer of CastAR Inc., and Vice President of Applied Optics Manufacturing (AOM) Group at Honeywell Aerospace.

How does it work?

A selfie-focused video chat app, Voilà is the latest trend in social media. It allows users to anonymously send a video message or photo from their phone via the app, which then sends it back. After receiving a video, users can swipe up or down to let other users know how they feel about it. Additionally, there are interactive stickers and filters for your videos to make them more fun! Voilà also has features where you can get notified when your friends come online, search by username for people who might want to talk with you, and see how many times your videos have been viewed.

Is this app safe?

We’re going to let you in on the app, Voilà. It’s available for free on both Android and iOS and lets you easily take selfies of yourself from behind the camera. One downside is that it only allows for 5 shots a day which can make it difficult for celebrities or people with selfie addiction. However, if those challenges don’t scare you off, then this app is perfect for you! All your photos are automatically synced across all your devices so no need to worry about losing any of your selfies. Voilà also has in-app tutorials so even someone who has never taken a selfie before can learn how after just one to try!

Is this app worth it?

So, is the app worth it? The answer to that question really depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for an easy way to take amazing selfies with a few clicks of your phone, then Voilà might be worth checking out. However, if you’re looking for more features than just a selfie app (like editing, filters, and stickers), this app probably isn’t for you.

Why should you download it?

Voilà, a new selfie app that connects people through shots, is the newest thing on the market. The aim of this app is for users to post images on social media with the Voilà hashtag, which will prompt other users in their area who use the app to come and take a photo of them. It sounds fun and exciting at first glance but does it have any downsides? Many would argue that there are many cons associated with Voilà like the possibility of being stranded if nobody comes or being stuck in one place. However, those who really enjoy travelling and seeing new places would love this app because they can meet new people while they travel instead of feeling like they’re alone when they go somewhere new!

Where can you download it?

Downloading the app from either the Apple or Google store, you’ll see two instructions. First, tell it what your initials are and then type in the emoji of a person (or object) that best matches your selfie. Voilà’s formula searches through these emoji’s and selects the one most similar to you before adding it to your new profile. For example, if I enter in the letters A.B., I’m given a matching emoji for each letter based on my features: A = bunny ears because my ears are too small; B = curly hair because my hair is curly; AB = glasses because I wear glasses most of the time.

Why does this app have so many ads on Instagram?

Voilà started out as a novelty app that had been downloaded over 500,000 times. The goal of the app is for you to find someone who looks like you or your friends, but this quickly turned into a beauty pageant where you were all voting on which face looked best. And before the day was over, hundreds of selfies with exclamations such as she’s pretty! flooded my timeline. Naturally, I figured out how to get Voilà and gave it a try myself. What I found was that despite my wishes, it only took me 10 minutes of swiping left and right before I found someone who looked more like me than anyone else in my social media circle.

What are people saying about it?

It’s no surprise that Voilà has taken off as quickly as it has, with more than a million downloads in less than a week. With the number of people who love taking selfies and sharing them on social media growing every day, this app is the perfect way for selfie enthusiasts to able to edit their photos and share them immediately. All you have to do is take the picture, select your filters, add text if you want to, and hit upload. That way, when you share it with friends on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, they’ll know how easy it was for you! The great thing about Voilà is that it doesn’t show up on a photo roll – so all of your images are safe from any prying eyes.

Can you save your favorite filters?

Voilà is a new mobile app for selfies. The premise of the app is that you take photos of yourself, but what’s special about this app is the ability to save favorite filters. With so many other selfie apps out there, Voilà had to make itself stand out by offering something different. Voilà users don’t have to worry about their favorite filter being replaced with another filter when they upload a new selfie—Voilà remembers your favorites and keeps them in rotation for you.

Anything else we should know about it?

Voilà is a new app on the scene that lets you take selfies, or ‘self-with-me,’ by using your camera or phone’s front-facing lens. With a tap of your finger, your photo and message are sent out instantly in a Voilà. The recipient then swipes right if they like the selfie, left if they don’t, and up if they want to be able to send a Voilà of their own. The more people swipe right on you (and those you share your Voilàs with), the higher profile status you receive. The platform emphasizes the sharing of both selfies and messages, which means even if no one swipes right on it – it doesn’t matter!

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