Top 8 iPhone 13 Cases and Accessories to Keep Your Phone Safe and Stylish

Top 8 iPhone 13 Cases and Accessories to Keep Your Phone Safe and Stylish

It’s no secret that the iPhone 13 is one of the best phones on the market. And, with its stunning OLED display and stunning battery life, there’s not much reason to want to change it out for something else any time soon. However, even the best phones can be broken, lost, or damaged if you don’t take proper care of them — and since many people are prone to dropping their phones or leaving them in public places, you need the protection that cases and accessories can provide in order to ensure your phone will remain in good condition for as long as possible.

#1. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series cases are the cream of the crop for ultimate protection for your new iPhone. OtterBox Defender Series cases provide three layers of protection that guard against drops, bumps, shocks, scrapes, and other hazards. The rubberized outer layer surrounds your device while the hard inner layer is a protective shield that cushions your device in the event of an impact. This two-layer system not only absorbs energy from impacts but also protects what’s inside the case. Layer three comes in the form of a self-adhesive screen protector which guards against dirt and scratches without compromising sensitivity or durability.

#2. Apple Silicone Case

The Apple Silicone Case is one of the most popular cases on the market. The best part about it? It only costs $29.00. Customers rave about how comfortable this case is, as well as how protective it is when dropped. The rubber is durable and absorbs the shock of a fall, which saves you from those scary cracks in your screen.

It does have some drawbacks, though: It might not hold up against more expensive cases in regards to ruggedness and waterproofing. But for an everyday user, this case gets the job done!

#3. Spigen Liquid Crystal

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is a great option for the new apple iPhone xs max. This clear case has air cushions on all four corners that add a shock-absorbent buffer and scratch-resistant coating to keep your phone safe. It also features raised lips at the front and back, which protect your screen from touching surfaces when lying flat on its face or backing up onto surfaces. The Liquid Crystal is made of flexible TPU material that ensures a snug fit for your phone and offers crystal clear protection against daily wear, tears, dings, scrapes, and other potential damage from common use.

#4. Incipio Octane Pure

Incipio Octane Pure is an excellent way to protect your expensive smartphone from damage. It has two layers of protection – a polycarbonate shell, and a silicone cover. Both help shield your phone from drops, bumps, and scratches without adding much bulk or thickness. The back of the case is textured for grip, and the bezel around the screen is slightly elevated for screen protection when you place your phone face down on a flat surface. Inside the first layer, there’s an opening for your card or ID (each credit card slot holds up to three cards). The case also includes Incipio’s Lifetime Warranty.

This incipio octane pure case provides sleek style as well as drop protection at an affordable price.

#5. Ghostek Cloak 3

Ghostek Cloak 3 is a dual-layer tough case that provides full coverage for your phone. The shock-absorbent inner layer is designed to offer maximum protection from drops, while the durable outer layer adds additional protection from scratches. You also have the option of selecting a glossy or matte finish depending on your personal style preference. Finally, this case can be personalized with custom engraving so you always have something tangible and memorable of this significant life event.

#6. Apple Leather Case

The Apple Leather Case is the most popular case for an iPhone. It has a great range of colors from which to choose, it will make your phone look stylish, and is thin enough not to increase the size of your phone. What sets this case apart from other products is that it has a wireless charging option which makes it more convenient than ever. It also comes with two card slots, so you can store all your cards in one place.

#7. Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone X, XS, and XR

Catalyst’s Waterproof Case for iPhone X, XS, and XR ensures that your phone is safe from the rain, snow, or sudden downpour. All that you need to do is press the quick-release button in order to release your phone when you’re ready for photo ops. Whether you’re going for a run, about to be caught in an unexpected storm, or just want peace of mind knowing that your phone can stand up to mother nature’s worst on its own, this case is perfect for protecting your phone.

#8. Spigen Tough Armor w/ Kickstand

If you need a case that can keep your phone secure and withstand any impact, the Spigen Tough Armor w/ Kickstand case is for you. The TPU protection that covers the back and sides of your phone will keep it safe from drops, while the kickstand lets you prop up your phone in landscape mode to enjoy videos or surf the web on the go. The downside? This case isn’t as stylish as others on this list, so consider something else if you’re looking for a fun design!

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