The state of the human mind in which he wants others to contact him but nobody is available he feels alone this situation is called Loneliness

This situation is very uncomfortable for everyone because we are always connected with people who share our problems and feel very light and this is our comfort zone. But when we are in a lonely situation this situation is very hardly affecting our mind and our physical health.

This is a very depressing situation. Because in our daily life in the whole day we are connected with people physically like our friends, family members, office staff, and more people who meet with us in a day.

Example of loneliness 

When we live alone and have no neighbors for miles we feel very unhappy and this situation is called loneliness.

Why do we need to know about this

Now we are in the third wave of lockdown of covid-19 and these days we must stay at home or in our accommodations to protect our physical health. During this pandemic, everyone disturbs and all routines are badly affected. And peoples always try to protect our selves and this is a very difficult task to protect ourselves from this dangerous virus.

And when people are suffering from covid they isolate our self and this is a very bad stage during isolation everyone feels alone and when we are alone no one is able to talk and share our problems we are feeling helpless and this is a very undefinable situation.

So we are always ready to face this situation because we don’t know what happened the next moment.

How we can fight against this loneliness

First of all try to make ourselves busy our self and make a timetable for food, medicine, and physical exercises when we are busy with any work we do not feel lonely and not feel stressed this is a very good way to ignore loneliness. And try to make relax our mind because when our mind is relaxed we feel relaxed and positive thoughts are coming into our mind.

Engage with your relatives

I think In, In this world, our relatives are a very important part of our life because they always support us and always

encourage us. So when you are in this situation you connect with your relatives chat on WhatsApp and also share some fun and adventure videos. And connect on video calls and enjoy.

This is a digital way to make yourself happy your self and feel comfortable in lockdown and quarantine situations. Your mind is feeling fresh and you feel relaxed.

Social services are also available you can try these services

Some organizations are providing services to help you in this difficult time like when you feel alone and you are isolated. These organizations help you to fight against loneliness in different ways. They support many peoples to improve their mental health. These organizations introduce seniors to in-home care(1)  this facility is available for aged persons. When aged persons feel alone and depressed and they want someone to help them and talk with us so this service is the best option for these people.

Walk cooperatively

When you are at home or in a park, follow all the sops like social distancing and other rules of sops and then you contact physically people or your friends and have talked with them. Social distancing is a must for physically interacting with others these days because this is the main rule of covid-19 sops. The peoples follow these rules and recover very fastly.

Find new ways to make ourselves happy our self

Spend your time on interesting activities. Like, watching interesting videos, movies, or tv shows spending time on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram because these applications are very helpful for connecting with peoples and nobody feel alone.

Daily workout

Try some physical activities like playing a sport, running, swimming is also a good workout dancing anything would you like now just try I believe your loneliness is going very far. And start gym is also a very important part of fitness because when your muscles are strong you feel good and do not take any stress but follow the sops first because when you maintain social distancing other peoples are safe from this virus.

What is my experience?

I know this is a very difficult time for us because I am also facing this situation so I have experience with this. It is just a disease and we are just patients so don’t worry and do not take the stress. When I am in isolation I feel also lonely but I try to make busy myself with different activities as I mentioned in the above paragraphs. And when I am busy I obliviate my loneliness and feel relaxed and recover very fastly. I use social media to communicate with people and also in touch with my relatives and I strictly follow all the sops.

I think those peoples who suffered from this situation these things and tricks are helpful for them.

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