Xresolver | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver (Updated 2022)

Xresolver | Xbox and PlayStation Resolver (Updated 2022)

Are you trying to find the devices which can convert Microsoft’s Xbox or PlayStation’s PlayStation Gamer tags and usernames into shorter IP addresses? You’re at the right spot. This is where we looked at the “xResolver” platform that lets gamers switch usernames and gamer tags into a distinct IP format. Let’s review “xResolver “?

What is xResolver?

Xresolver is an official website that converts Microsoft’s Xbox and PS Gamertags, usernames, and Gamertags to the most efficient IP addresses.

The Xresolver can be described as an effective website specifically designed to convert the games’ tags and domains’ names and usernames to IP format.

How do I make use of to use the Xresolver?

Xresolver offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy and simple to use. If you’re facing an issue, make sure to follow the instructions given below, and you’ll be able to utilize Xresolver without difficulty:

  • Open an official website “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Hit Xbox Resolver or PlayStation (Choose the appropriate option)
  • You must enter the “Xbox Gamer tag” to convert it into an IP address “ Xbox Gamer tag ” to transform the tag into an IP
  • Enter your “ IP address ” to change into an Xbox gamer tag.
  • Then click on “Resolve.”

You’ve done it. You could also apply the same method to resolve IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags or PlayStation gamer tags to the IP address. PlayStation gamester tags.

If you type in Gamer Tag to Resolve, it’ll transform to IP format. The same applies to the PlayStation Enter your PSN login to find out whether it is changing in IP format.

How do I blacklist and Delete Self?

We explained previously the method of hiding your gamer tags or IP addresses. If you block yourself in the resolver system, all your gamer names/usernames and IP addresses will be removed from databases and no one will find your IP addresses.

This can help protect you from attacks by hackers and third-party attackers against Microsoft or Sony’s servers. Additionally, you must follow additional steps while backlisting your IP addresses:

  • You must use a VPN to conceal your actual IP address.
  • You must get in touch with your ISP to alter the IP address of your account.
  • Make sure you don’t join random events and avoid individuals who are suspicious, this will help you protect your IP address from the database of their organization.

How do I Register and gain full access to Xresolver?

Registration or signing up is easy to do and doesn’t require additional details. Follow the steps below, and you’ll have all access to the Xresolver:

  • Open an official webpage “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Locate the “ Register ” button and click it.
  • Complete your details on the “ Sign up ” form.
  • Input in the “Username,” “Email address.”
  • Input your “Password” along with “Confirm the password” then click”Register..

After you’ve completed it. If there is an account that is active you can sign in through the “sign-in” or the “sign-in” option.

Benefits/Features from xResolver MISC tools

Xresolver tool comes with a variety of benefits and features that are listed below. You can locate them on their official site and make use of the tools:

IP Logger:

Xresolver offers the most advanced IP logger tool that lets you create custom links you can email to individuals to get the IP address of their computers.



Fully IP address with accurate Geo IP Information

  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Detect Incognito/Private Mode (Coming Soon).

FREE Limits:

  • Create one page with 10 results maximum. The results with the oldest date will be deleted.
  • Ability to display Country, City, ISP, and Browser as well as Operating System.

Premium Limits

  • Create 10 Pages, with 100 pages for each.
  • Ability to display the IPv4/IPv6/Country City ISP browser and System OS.

PSN Username:

PSN login tool can determine whether your PlayStation Network username is available. After that, you can begin the process of registering.

  • You must enter the PlayStation Network username
  • Then click on “Resolve.”

IP Storage:

IP storage tool allows you to save IPs that you would like to save and keep track of. The IP storage tool can accommodate up to 100 IPs in a single account. Make sure the account remains running. If your account has not been active for 3 months, the data you have stored will be removed immediately.

  • A free account Ability to store up to 25 IP addresses.
  • Premium Account: Unlimited Storage.

What is my IP?

Xresolver also comes with an IP check tool , which it is easy to find the current IP address with just a click and without cost. This tool lets you know the Public IP Address!

Phone Lookup:

Phone Lookup Tool is an incredible feature. With the aid with this program, you are able to display the information for your phone number that you have entered details, like the country and location, as well as carrier and the type of line. Make sure you input the number using an international code.

Nmap Port Scan:

NMAP Post scan tool securely connects you with access to the host you want to connect to via our servers. If you are port scanning your IP will be visible to the host you’re port scanning.

About Xresolver

xResolver site was launched in the year 2017 and works with two names “Xbox” as well as “PlayStation.” xResolver has not only the capacity to modify your Xbox and PlayStation gamester tags or usernames, but includes other functions such as IP Logger IP Storage for PSN Users IP checker, phone Lookup as well as the Nmap Port Scan.

Based on the most recent data analysis The xResolver is:

  • Registered Users: 241,586
  • Live Users: 1,168
  • Database Count: 24,735,431.

Disclaimer The content is intended solely intended for educational use.

FAQs related to the xResolver

How do I use xResolver?

The Xresolver is a website that functions that is designed to convert Microsoft’s Xbox and PlayStation Gamertags and usernames to IP format.

Who invented xResolver?

xResolver is a 2-year-old domain that was renewed recently, and this domain has been registered by Tucows Domains Inc. and expires in one year in 2023. Additionally, the resolver is a project developed by members of the Octosniff group.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

The IP addresses of your computer can easily be identified using special tools since it isn’t private. However, you can conceal it using xResolver. We can conclude that in accordance with the experience of the game.

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